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The Sad Demise of Hillary Clinton

It’s Mother’s Day, the Feast of Pentecost, cold and windy, five days after the Indiana primary, which Hillary Clinton won by 11,000 votes out of 1,264,456 cast.

Publishing the exact number is important, because these are individuals who made up their minds and took action; Hoosiers exerted themselves, drove or walked to the county courthouse, the fire station, the union hall, the community center, the church or synagogue or temple. They voted their hearts and minds to select a leader and direct the future of their country for the next four years.

You have to admire that. The only day I ever wear red, white and blue is on Election Day. Not the 4th of July or Memorial Day or Labor Day, only on Election Day; that’s the day for patriotism, sez me.

Slightly over half of them, 637,814, voted for a candidate I can’t stand. What’s up with that? How does it happen that they see the world so differently?

In Hillary Clinton I see a politician who will say and do anything, no matter how underhanded, to get elected. They see a “woman who’s done so much.”

Huh? What’s she done exactly?

I see someone whose résumé consists of being First Lady. When that wasn’t enough, she decided she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire, only to be greeted by a schoolgirl who read her a poem and gave her flowers. Then they kiss-kissed.

Hillary voters see a person of courage and strength; I see a bald-faced liar.

They see “a fighter” who’s “in it to win it.” I see someone who divides voters by race and class—and that’s unforgivable.

I wonder whatever happened to the “reality-based community.” There are still people who believe in George W. Bush; doesn’t that fry your mind? There are also people who believe we never landed on the moon, but where I come from they’re called crackpots.

How to explain a Hillary voter? Is West Virginia going to fall in line now too?

Will Kentucky vote for this person? Ain’t there no common sense in Kentucky? What’s to become of us if there’s no common sense in Kentucky?

The 2008 campaign has been so revealing, it’s staggering. Clintonism has completely fallen on its face. What we’ve learned is that Bill and Hillary Clinton, who made 107 million dollars since leaving the White House, now position her as the shot-and-a-beer working class gal. Is there no common sense in Pennsylvania? How about Texas and Ohio? They fell for this shit!

If there ain’t no common sense in Texas we’re all doomed. Thank God there’s common sense in Carolina.

Bill Clinton is the biggest whore there ever was, a hundred and seven million bucks’ worth. So we should elect his wife? What is this, Argentina under the Perons?

I don’t want Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton. Even more, I don’t want Bill tramping the back stairs of the White House looking for a blowjob.

The man is trailer trash. He’s gifted, but he’s scum. Where did that $107 million come from? Why won’t the Clintons release the donor list from his presidential library?

I’ll tell you why; they’re scared of the disclosure. They don’t want you to know who buys and sells them.

Hillary not only married this man, she stayed with him through all this crap. She should have done like my mother did and ditch the guy.

If she had any self-respect she’d have thrown him out on his ass—THEN run for Senator for New York. That would have created a whole new narrative, not this recycled BS from 1992.

(Everyone knows provincial New Yorkers love carpetbaggers; they actually feel complimented, like it’s just desserts when someone from Arkansas or Massachusetts moves there to take advantage of their gullibility. Bobby Kennedy? No problem! Arkinsaw? Of COURSE you want to move to New York!)

I broke with Bill Clinton in 1993 over “don’t ask, don’t tell,” shut-the-fuck-up. What a despicable policy.

He was goaded into it by Lesbigay activists who overreached—the same Lesbigay activists (dominated by “it’s our turn” Lesbians) who endorsed Hillary because she’s a woman—once again proving themselves complete losers. How long will the Gay community follow these failed politicians?

Generals threatened to quit Bill Clinton’s government to keep the military all Straight (except it never was, isn’t now and never will be). He should have told ’em “Sayonara”—but he was too weak. He caved instead.

So would she, the minute she encountered opposition. Focus groups are all she knows. If you can’t manipulate people into backing you, throw in the towel, live to fight another day and hope you don’t get impeached—but if you do, manipulate that!

I had the great pleasure of sitting out the 1996 campaign, and since I’d given up TV by then I didn’t have to watch a single Bob Dole Viagra commercial. Bill Clinton didn’t need me to win, so for the first time in my life I refused to vote for president. No red, white and blue for me that day, I wore black.

Now we’ve been through the W. debacle and Hillary’s vote to approve the war in Iraq, so that Republicans couldn’t accuse her of being soft on terrorism.

That’s why she voted for it, so she could run for president with an insurance policy—and everyone in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky knows it.

Four thousand soldiers dead for nothing? She doesn’t care, she’s “ready from Day One.”

Some of those kids are from my home state and my home county. I don’t give up their lives easily to the coldest, most calculating and selfish politician in U.S. history.

She’s every bit the trailer trash her husband is. Except she’s deadlier.

She and Bill made a deal; I supported you, now you support me. Everyone in America knows it, including voters in the upcoming states and Puerto Rico. Ain’t there no common sense in San Juan?

Hillary Clinton has been running for president since she was an undergraduate at Wellesley. That’s why she picked her husband, when she knew he was scum.

She was determined to be the first woman president, but now she’s lost. Ignominiously. The certain front runner, the one with all the cash and connections. The one we owed it to.

Sorry, honey, Americans don’t owe you a damn thing. The surest way to lose an election is to assume we owe you because you had pillow talk with your philandering husband.

Now you’ve lost to a Black Man; half-Black anyway. Poor Hillary! Victimized by a male yet again. Ain’t fair! Gotta be sexism! Glass ceiling and yadda yadda!

I take pleasure in Hillary Clinton’s loss, but only because she’s a Clinton and not because she’s a woman. I remember my mother today, and what she’d be thinking now. (She died in 1995.)

She was feminine and feminist, and she wouldn’t have dreamed of burning her bra. (Note to history: very few women actually did that. It was a sensational TV stunt, that’s all.) My mother entered an all-male field, pharmacy, that’s now mostly female. But when she first started out, she was so unusual that AP ran a story focusing partly on my worthless dad, “a pharmacist’s mate without stripes.” Months later Mom got fan letters from Wyoming; we were awfully proud of her. She was smart as hell, totally opinionated, conservative from the get-go.

I’d like to have a president like her, especially if she was disinclined to war.

My mother wouldn’t at all have approved of Hillary’s ideology, but she would definitely have been glad that a woman pushed America to the limits to win the White House. My mother was an athlete, a golfer, she understood winning and losing. If you lose you don’t govern; if you win you get a chance to.

But I can’t see my mother voting for her; in the primary maybe, but not in November. She’d have had too many visions of Bill Clinton skulking around looking for blowjobs.

My mother was patriotic enough to vote for the person who is best for the country. I can’t imagine Mom voting for someone with so little honesty or personal integrity as Hillary Clinton.

I want a woman president who makes me proud of this country, not ashamed of it after this ridiculous, unnecessary war.

I want a president who tells us the truth, even if it makes her look bad.

I want a president who never abandons her core beliefs, not one who throws them to the four winds. Hillary Clinton hates guns, but she told Pennsylvania she was the next Annie Oakley. And enough suckers believed her.

You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool Mom.

She’d vote for John McCain, just like she voted for Ronald Effing Reagan despite having a Gay son vulnerable to AIDS.

She wasn’t a fundamentalist, she was an Episcopalian (and I’m forever grateful to her for that). But she didn’t mind at all when Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson anointed a Hollywood actor as the next coming of Christ. Jeez, Mom, get a grip!

I broke with my mother politically in 1964, Johnson vs. Goldwater. BTW Hillary, the Goldwater Girl, was right that LBJ passed the Civil Rights Act that year, not Martin Luther King Jr., who didn’t control a single Senator. Lyndon Johnson was a fantastic president who got mired in an unwinnable and senseless war, all because he was afraid of what the Republicans would say. (And this was before Fox Noise.)

But the way Hillary gave Johnson credit was inelegant at best, another time of playing the race card; the White man did it, the Black guy didn’t. I am so ashamed of the Clintons for playing up racial differences, the one unforgivable sin. They’ll do anything to win, even scraping bottom for the Bubba vote.

There is no excuse EVER for playing the race card, which the Clintons have done ever since she started losing. It’s just sad. Everyone knows her opponent is African and American. She didn’t have to say a word, BUT SHE DID. Over and over and over.

The day after she barely won the Indiana primary, she cited a questionable AP story and told USA Today it “found how Sen. Obama’s support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me.”

In my lifetime that’s the lowest politics have ever gone. I’ve lived through George Wallace, the Ku Klux Klan, Sunday School bombings in Birmingham and Lester Maddox; I certainly never expected to live through Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It’s time to pronounce the truth: The Bitch is toast.

Being a woman didn’t make her The Bitch; being Hillary Clinton did. She is the most despicable candidate in my lifetime, a pure cynic. Part of her hates America worse than Jeremiah Wright. She thinks we’re all idiots, easy to manipulate.

She decided long ago the way to win was to be the Iron Lady like Margaret Thatcher. What she found out was that people don’t trust her, they don’t believe her. She lost Walter Cronkite, just like Johnson did; she lost America. We have repudiated her.

Thank you, North Carolina!

Now about my mother: I’d have voted for Mom if she’d ever run for something, even though she was a Gay-hating homophobic Reaganite; she was honest and had personal integrity. In some ways she was a great human being; she certainly made me what I am, and my Straight bro’s too.

My father’s biggest slam against her, repeated endlessly in countless fights, was that she had “high standards.” Something wrong with that, dude? You want low ones?

So let me apply the standards I learned.

Hillary Clinton is dishonest, utterly lacking in personal integrity, far from “completely vetted,” dangerous on the world stage and unqualified to be president. She and her husband have completely tarnished the Clinton “brand” and history will judge the result. They’re total sellouts, anything for money and power.

I predict the first woman Prez will be completely different, very cool, of a new generation, working for change, and she’ll roll her eyes at comparisons with previous females.

We don’t even know her name yet, but the day she flashes a little cleavage, American men will roll over, play dead and say “Yes ma’am!”

That will be a woman, as Hillary Clinton (with all her supposed “testicular fortitude”) is not, and with any luck this New Woman will be a president for us all, overseeing a new Era of Good Feelings.

I hope to live to see it, but it might be 20 more years thanks to Hillary’s toxic campaign. Her biggest mistake was thinking she had to man up, thus sending 4000 Americans to death for her own ambition.

Can a cold, calculating human being ever get more cynical than that?

She cost the lives of a hundred Indiana boys to further her own ambition. May God have mercy on her soul.++

3 Responses

  1. Opportunist is the word. And playing the race-card. And apparently enjoyng it. Disgusting.

    Clinton is the new Mark of Cain.

  2. Josh: Re: your views on Hillary…be very careful hon…sometimes you become what you distance yourself from and judge. I respect your views and your devoted passions as an out gay man and evangelist of our community; it sometimes has to beg the question…even the people we see as the Darkness may … inspite of themselves be used by God to do Good…or the universe’s purpose. love and prayers, joel

  3. Thanks, Joel, good reminder. God bless Hillary whatever she’s up to.

    But God bless Barack Obama more!

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