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McCain Bombs Capitol, Nukes Wall Street

Well, since I posted 24 hours ago, the bipartisan deal praised by the senior Republican senator on the Banking Committee, Bob Bennett, as the best negotiation he’d ever been in, John McCain and House Republicans have turned everything bitterly partisan.

McCain has increased the danger to the world economy a hundredfold.

How long will it take on Friday for the Dow to drop 500 points? More to the point, what happens if China starts dumping its trillions in U.S. Treasury notes? Could the U.S. Government, on which the entire world economy depends, be forced into default?

It’s unthinkable. That’s what we’ve always told ourselves; it’s what every government on the planet, including China, has always told itself. But the danger is increasing by the hour.

If you thought Bush was dangerous and Henry Paulson wants to rob you blind, wait till McCain the Madman gets done with you.

Barack Obama is a very smart guy. Let’s hope he knows how to act as President right now. Only one thing matters: “Crisis Averted“.

Day One is today, it’s not January 21st. Act, Barack. Get out of town until The Deal is to be voted on. And tell, don’t suggest, TELL McCain to do the same.++

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