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Maybe Reagan Won the Debate

Well, the instant polls (scientific) are in, and they say Obama won the first debate. CBS polled 500 undecided voters, who went for Obama by double digits. FOX reportedly found the same thing.

Pundits are saying McCain looked old and creaky, while Obama looked presidential; I didn’t see how they looked, because I only got to hear the TV, not watch much, because I was cooking dinner here in Central Time. Maybe looks were a factor to some people.

I’m Obama’s co-leader for this county, and I felt McCain won on points tonight.

I have never liked Obama in debates. He is passionless, the opposite of how he can be when he doesn’t have to share the stage. Back in the week before the Ohio and Texas primaries, when it was do or die for Clinton, I got very frustrated; she gave him a dozen different openings to put her away once and for all, and he didn’t take any of them. I guess I like the well-aimed zinger that turns the tables and makes the other person speechless and on the defensive. He doesn’t have it in him.

Tonight as McCain insulted him eight times with “still doesn’t understand,” Obama just stood there and let him get away with it.

After the third one I wish he’d have turned and said, “No, Mr. McCain, you don’t understand. These aren’t the ’80s anymore. We need someone with plans for tomorrow.”

That would have been all over TV and the web for a week.

McCain’s constant references to dead and dying politicians sounded like he was playing for the nursing home vote.

Obama has no killer instinct. Man, with the presidency in the balance and opponents who are floundering, take control!

Stop calling him John like he’s your friend and colleague. Call him Senator McCain; yard signs use last names. So do people around the water cooler.

Obama did get in a few decent jabs, but not one good punch.

He better hope that the visuals do matter; I can’t explain the CBS and FOX insta-poll results. As much as I don’t care for her, Hillary would have flattened the old man.++

One Response

  1. Good Lord, I don’t think we saw/heard the same debate (I cooked beforehand)…I saw the Old Man McCain part, he actually, huffed and puffed himself almost to death…he was snide, he refused to look at Obama (even when asked to do so)…McCain seemed unable to communicate directly (also a visual thing)…he seemed as if he was someones nasty old cranky father telling everyone what they knew and what they did and why everyone else was stupid…Obama said a lot of things that made positive sense about the past and about the right NOW…Obama said “that’s just wrong” time after time with little anger or even annoyance…maybe you did have to see what I saw to agree….Obama is no Ronald Regan…Obama exposed the facts…he was able to communicate that he was a thoughtful, poised and quite brilliant human being…not a surprise that his voter acceptance flew right up….nope, he was no Ronald Regan….Regan was a shallow man and a actor…Obama, the real thing.

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