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Gene, Barack & Springsteen at the Lincoln


Gene Robinson, the Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire. (AP photo)

Friends know that I’ve been very down on the upcoming inauguration, after I worked my keister off to elect Barack Obama. I did not want Jerry Falwell Lite giving the invocation in the person of Rick Warren.

When howls were raised at his selection, Obama blew them off at a news conference. “Look,” he began—which is always a dead giveaway that he’s going to say no and be rigid about it. He wasn’t about to disinvite Falwell Lite after he delivered, oh, half a dozen Republican votes to Obama.

LGBT voters went for Obama 3-1. So screw him, I wasn’t going to watch or listen or even read about his inauguration, no matter how historic it will be, no matter how long we’ve waited for our first African-American president. I was boycotting my own candidate.

He’s since taken an “I’ll make it up to you” approach with LGBT voters, by asking the world’s first openly-Gay Bishop, my friend Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, to give the prayer at the first event of the 3-day inaugural celebration, Sunday the 18th at the Lincoln Memorial.

It will be broadcast by HBO, including a free feed for non-subscribers; good for them, an act of corporate responsibility. Wouldn’t it be nice if he could inaugurate a new wave of that!

And what a lineup: Bono, Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen—and the Washington Gay Men’s Chorus. Wow! Won’t Gene be in great company? Won’t we all?

In addition, an invitation-only, select group from the national Lesbian and Gay Band Association will march and play in the Inaugural Parade on Tuesday. That’s a first—and before a worldwide TV audience.

So I’m satisfied; Obama made it up to me, and I hope to you. I think he’s had a stellar transition (with one or two exceptions) and I can’t wait to see him sworn in.

I received my embossed formal invitation (suitable for framing) in the mail a few days ago. I can’t go (DC in January? It’s 8º outside right now, headed for -30º windchill), but I will happily watch.

God keep him safe and make him our President.++

3 Responses

  1. Good for you, good for me too…I was pissed off to the max (I was thinking Obama doesn´t even KNOW what/who Warren represents and what deadly/persecuting crapola he indulges in)…I was thinking, damn, Obama is NOT ON THE BALL! But, like you, like him, I see that clarity has arrived…maybe a day or so late, but he´s arrived back to reality none the less…OBAMA is back on Baratrack!

    There is a Inauguration Ball here in Central America on Tuesday night…I just, yesterday, said yes (after doing lots of fundraining etc before the election of Democrats and Obama)…my no has become a enthusiastic yes.

  2. I’m glad that Gene Robinson will open the Inauguration on Sunday, Warren only plays a smaller role now.
    And the Change everyone is hoping for has to be made by the People not just the President.

    Hope you have a private Inaugural Party with T&S too!

  3. Peter, thank you, I do plan to spend the day with T&S if they’ll let me.

    And oh, Leonardo, dance your footsies off at Central America’s Inaugural Ball! I’ll be thinking of you in real time; a sign on my wall says that Panama City, Port-au-Prince and Mexico City are all in the same time zone as Chicago, so just climb up our Big Shoulders and stomp!

    Be the Change We Can Believe In.

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