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Anglo, Not Catholic


Roman Catholicism would be just ducky if it didn’t include so many unbiblical concepts invented for logical consistency.

Purgatory? It’s not in there. It doesn’t exist.

And it’s profoundly un-graceful. God so loves us that s/he’s willing to forgive us again and again and again. Greater than our capacity to sin is God’s desire to forgive.

It isn’t called Good News for nothin’. I’VE GOT GREAT NEWS!

Versus God’s going to spank you for a thousand years. Puh-lease. Do we not believe God is bigger than that?

The reality is that God is a radical lover. A father, a mother, a child. God is Love, said the Beloved Disciple (probably the Gay one).

We seem to have a terrible time accepting that; God is love.

It is true that God gets very pissed with injustice. God expects, God requires, God demands that when New Orleans is flooded, you fucking respond. You don’t have a goddamn choice, you respond.

But God loves any little choice you made to respond. Did you raise a hundred bucks? Did you offer people your home? Did you nail up some walls with Camp Coast Care?

Did you simply pray? God liked that and heard your prayer-which was less about blessing the people than your response. You prayed, that’s good, God liked that.

God would like it even better if you helped build a house, but okay, God meets you where you are.

God is the most cynical person there ever was. God knows all the places you’ve been, all the assholes you’ve fucked. God watches and keeps flipping the channel.

But anytime you do one good thing, God likes it; God watches. God loves that you love every now and then.

It’s hard being God; s/he has to watch every murder, every injustice, every poor lonely death. S/he doesn’t like watching, s/he’d rather turn away, like we would. But s/he watches.

Because s/he cares.

We have this really crazy idea that God is some fearsome being, some kind of celestial accountant, totting up our sins and virtues, assigning us to purgatory for 500 years, a thousand years, two and a half days, like it’s all arbitarary. God doesn’t bother with our human calculations.

God is like a parent, who doesn’t mind that his baby boy or baby girl shits and pisses and gurgles and spits up; what God notices is that we crawl, and then we walk, and then we run.

God is thrilled with us. How could s/he not be?

We’re mostly litttle mortal human beings. But every now and then—

—Every now and then…

We act like God. We do something loving, something selfless, something holy.

God, does God watch that! S/he tunes in CNN and watches everything.++

One Response

  1. That’s a caricature of purgatory. You haven’t refuted the real thing.

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