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Obama Defends Special Rights for Heteros

Obama Stonewalls

Cartoon: the Southern Voice

Episcopal Café notes that Barack Obama’s Justice Department is upholding the so-called Defense of Marriage Act:

President Obama’s administration filed a legal brief defending the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in a court case seeking to overturn it. In effect the administration has come out defending the constitutionality of measures that give a privileged place in society to traditional opposite sex marriage.

If he doesn’t reverse it, he loses my vote. Period.

No action on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; he’s got “more important things to do.” And now this.

Bill Clinton also threw Gay people under the bus, so in 1996 I didn’t vote for him. (I also refused to support his conniving wife.) If this is how Obama wants to play it, he must suffer the consequences.

I am tired of paying for special rights and tax subsidies for heterosexuals. Hell hath no fury like a faggot scorned.

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