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Catholic Church in Ireland: Rape, Beatings & Cruelty

Pius XII carried aloft as if he were God.

As an Episcopalian I try not to get too upset by the behavior of the Roman hierarchy. But sometimes my blood just boils and in the name of Jesus Christ I have to denounce the pope and all his minions:

By Shawn Pogatchnik, Associated Press Writer

DUBLIN — Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church in Dublin covered up decades of child abuse by priests to protect the church’s reputation, an expert commission reported Thursday after a three-year investigation.

Abuse victims welcomed the report on the Dublin Archdiocese’s mishandling of abuse complaints against its parish priests from 1975 to 2004. It followed a parallel report published in May into five decades of rape, beatings and other cruelty committed by Catholic orders of nuns and brothers nationwide in church-run schools, children’s workhouses and orphanages from the 1930s to mid-1990s.

The government said the Dublin investigation “shows clearly that a systemic, calculated perversion of power and trust was visited on helpless and innocent children in the archdiocese.”

I don’t understand why anyone belongs to the Roman Catholic Church. It teaches love and justice for the poor, while raping and beating children. Hello?

Why would any thinking person belong to the Church of Mind Control, Dictatorship, Totalitarianism?

The Church of Rome has been a dictatorship for centuries, and these reports of child abuse have been published for decades; not much new here, just the release of a big new Report from Irish Officialdom. Nuns beating children in workhouses!

It’s straight out of Charles Dickens. But this isn’t 1850, it’s 2009.

All we can do is grieve for those children, and demand justice for the survivors—understanding justice as more than just a payout. The bishops should be publicly flogged, like King Henry II after he murdered Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral.

I have Catholic friends, and I try not to oppress them for supporting a church that is evil. Confronting them doesn’t do any good or change any minds; people have a right to their beliefs. If you press them they all mouth a rationalization taught by the priests: “The People are the Church, the hierarchy isn’t.” That’s self-evident. Then they continue to pay the hierarchy!

This is exactly what led to the Protestant Reformation: thieving, abusive priests.

And though the Church of England has its own black history, and with it the Episcopal Church to which I belong, getting rid of the Pope has led to enormous reform.

St. Peter would never have tolerated any of this violence. The Church of Rome is repulsive to God.

Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church

This is a horrible tragedy, not only to the victims but universally; the theology of the Catholic Church is overwhelmingly beautiful and good. We need that today as much as ever.

So how did popes go so wrong? They created an evil organization in the name of the One Who Is Good. That couldn’t have been their intention; what caused this deadly reversal?

Several things: Christianity’s own success. The fall of the Roman Empire left a vacuum only the Church could fill. It was the Church that organized emergency feedings, the keeping of public order, the defense of cities and citizens. It was the Church that persuaded the wealthy to part with their money in the name of God.

But in the process the Church itself became completely corrupt, and remains so to this day. The Irish nuns who beat the workhouse children were trying to get more production out of them, in the name of some holy cause.

The Church became the center of learning; it attracted intellectuals and created universities, the Sorbonne, Oxford and others. The Church became a place to get ahead.

The popes acquired lands, benefices, wealth. Ascetic monks turned into CEOs.

And the Church liked all this, for the supposed glory of God. The current pope wears Prada shoes.

Do you remember when the pope was carried aloft in a chair? The Romans don’t do that anymore, it’s too grotesque an image for TV to see some jerk acclaimed as the “Holy Father,” but the culture of papal worship is still there—and encouraged by ridiculous assertions of supremacy and infallibility.

I wonder why my Catholic friends put up with it. They almost never read the Bible, but even they’ve heard that “The love of money is the root of all evil.” And the pope loves his money, grand food, beautiful gowns, stunning cathedrals. He lives his life surrounded by the greatest art the world has ever produced, with thousands of courtiers eager to kiss his ring.

I forgive my friends, they were born into the faith and told they must never leave it at pain of their immortal souls. So they continue to give money and fealty to a man who does not poop vanilla ice cream.

I am so glad for the English Reformation, especially as it’s developed in the Episcopal and Canadian Churches.

My Church, both Catholic and Reformed, has slowly learned after glories and degradations to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s taken centuries, but that’s the real News that’s very, very Good.

The same thing has happened and is happening in other Reformed churches, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, some Baptists, the Disciples, evidence is all around us if we look.

I desperately wish the same thing would happen to the Romans, but it cannot as long as the pope is exalted. He is the world’s leading homophobe, the world’s worst child abuser, the most despicable sexist, a warmonger.

Pro-life, papa? If only it were that simple.

The pope needs to learn humility, which he can’t do while paraded around in a chaise and Prada shoes.

I believe that at some point the papacy will collapse just like Rome did. You can’t keep discouraging people from ordination by ridiculous rules of men-only and no-sex, and expect to stay in business. I hope the collapse comes soon, for the very sake of the Catholic faithful and the good works the Church still carries on.

Meanwhile in Washington, D.C., the new capital of the empire, the Archbishop is threatening to withdraw all support for the homeless if the City Council passes a Gay marriage bill—inquisition politics in all its naked brutality.

Mind control dies hard. It has to be destroyed.

The roots of these policies of oppression are still elusive to me, I don’t understand it all in the grand sweep of history. But what I see is a failing Church that’s boxed itself into a corner. How the Church would thrive if it allowed, as the Episcopal Church does, married men and women!

The Bishop of Rome would be unstoppable. But the bad decisions of earlier popes choke him.

A true disciple of St. Peter would have welcomed the vocations of Gay people as Cornelius the Centurion was welcomed by Christ. This sincere, devout and honest man would be hailed as part of the future of the Christian religion.

Gene Robinson, Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire

But Roman perfectionism and its anti-sexual bias has made the Church a haven for pedophiles and rapists.

Get rid of the pope and over time you create progress. Keep the pope and you get Irish nuns beating children in workhouses.

You may not like Henry VIII and all his sordid excesses—but I don’t care. He got rid of the pope with his Latin fetish, allowing people like me to discover Jesus as he really is, the greatest moral examplar in the history of the world.

Jesus believed in God and so do I. The Way is simple: self-sacrifice for the ones you love.

Not bishops in Ireland covering up rape, beatings and cruelty toward children.++

Mark Lester as Oliver Twist.

11 Responses

  1. Not much to say except that somehow the majesty of the buildings, robes and whirl or mystery seems to help when been faced with abominable realities…even I have a special place in my heart for a couple of RC Priest friends who do their best to walk the walk and talk the talk and keep THEIR spirits up when the ugly truth whafts their way.

  2. P.S. Pope Pius XII, is especially disgusting to me…his gigantic statue in the nave of St. Peters gives me the willies…looking over his shoulder (as he well should).

  3. Don’t judge lest ye be judged

  4. I don’t judge souls; I do judge institutionalized rape, beatings and cruelty against children committed by minions of the Bishop of Rome.

  5. Anyone who gives there heart and soul to the catholic church is a blind sheep. Not to mention there tithing. As a female, I wouldn’t urinate on the catholic church. The last straw was blessing the step father rapist in the Brazil case and excommunicating the people who helped the 9 year old girl get an abortion.
    OF course the Rothchilds are the keepers of the Vatican treasure.

  6. Geez, where do you begin and where do you end? Lord Acton, a liberal Catholic of the Victorian Era, called to the First Vatican Council to express some dissent from the pending decree on Papal Infallibility, said, “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” And he cited history to back it up. Then there is Calvinism. The Anglican Church was too “popish” and corrupt for the Puritans. It amazes me how plain the inside of cathedrals in England are. Cromwell’s boys shot out the stained glass and sripped off the paint and the statues. The Church was rich and the people were poor and Parliament represented the poor. Made Monarchy constitutional. Henry would have turned over in his grave. Point being, the Irish Church is Calvinist. More exactly, Jansenist. A theory condemned by the Roman Church in the 1600’s. But not until generations of priests and missionaries to Ireland had been taught it at the Louvain. Add that to the preemption (?. Cooptation) of the Catholic clerics by the English to prevent French Revolutionary sympathies at a time when the Anglicans were Victorian puritans. The hierarchy became as authoritarian as their English supervisors. Time for that to change.

  7. Let us pray….for the total collapse of the roman catholic church! According to ancient prophecies by Father Malachi of Ireland, there will be
    112 popes and then the collapse…we are at pope No. 111
    now! Not long to go! I wonder then if the catholic sheeple
    will realise that they have been fed a crock of s__t and
    wake up! I was a practicing catholic once..very devout….fortunately did some research and study and found that I was being brainwashed by a bunch of men and women who dress like crows! I believe in the ‘force’ / energy whatever you like to call it….and feel closer to its power now
    than when under the ‘guidance’ of the crows!

  8. wishing to partner with your ministry,show me how to reach you.

  9. Several of the more recent comments here I haven’t seen, for some reason. I want to respond to Tom, who was amazed at the plainness inside English cathedrals; that shocks me, but it depends on what your standard of comparison is, and I invite you to say more.

    Parliament on the side of the poor? That’s not my reading of history. When has Parliament ever been on the side of the poor?

    As for Mr. Masasi, the way to reach me is to leave a comment.

    Otherwise I did not intend to unleash some little flurry of anti-Catholicism. I don’t believe in the pope or some of the more extreme and unbiblical dogmas, but the people are often good; as an Anglican I believe in empowering the People, not the hierarchy. The bishops and institutions need more checks and balances, which only the People can give.


  10. Ok, now let’s tell the truth. Children were abused. But what’s more important? “Justice” for those children or the good name of the Church ans salvation of souls? The Church has lost many members due to the scandal. There is no salvation outside the Church. If the authorities of the Church did something wrong, then they will be punished by God. No one have right to say anything agaist them now. You may not like it, but it doesn’t make it cease to be true. As God ordained human sacrifice in the OT, he wants these children in sacrifice. He is not asking wether we like it or not. A good Christian is ready to deny himself, and that means feelings and life itself. Ok, you think God is a tyrant for doing it? Then better not displease Him, or he is going to do even worse.

  11. Half the world’s Christians do not believe your assertion that “there is no salvation outside the Church.” And your whole argument depends on that assertion.

    God does NOT want these children in sacrifice and did NOT “ordain human sacrifice in the OT.” If Catholics ever read their Bibles you might know this, but indeed Catholics are discouraged from reading for themselves. Try Genesis 22:5-8; the angel PREVENTS human sacrifice, which is the point of the story. God ABOLISHED human sacrifice, like that which occurred in the surrounding cultures.

    And no, God is not a tyrant. God is ever-merciful, even to Protestants and Anglo-Catholics like me. I’m as baptized as you are, honey, by a priest ordained by a bishop in the Apostolic Succession. I am proud the Church of England threw out the Pope, because he is the Roman Church’s entire problem. He’s the tyrant, not God.

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