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What Turns on a Child Molester? Children. Duh.


The moral masturbators at the Online Bigot Convention have noticed the new Irish report on pedophilia in the Roman Church and are taking their glee in it, quickly transforming their discussion from the bishops’ culpability for covering up hundreds of cases of pedophilic abuse of children into their favorite game, Let’s Blame the Gays. It’s all so predictable, but that doesn’t make it right.

They work themselves into a frenzy by claiming that Gay people are the Cause of It All, even though every professional association of behavioral scientists has found otherwise. Children are more likely to be abused by heterosexual family members.

Faced with this contradiction, the Online Bigots assure each other that they know more about it than psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, social workers and other investigators and clinicians. So don’t disturb them with the facts! They don’t want facts, they want justifications for their sinful prejudice and hate.

Thank God many of them are leaving the Episcopal Church. They set up their own rival church which has been ignored by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and now they’re stuck with their own rump archbishop in Pittsburgh, of all places. I celebrate their failed schism. Let them all parade in purple shirts, the more bishops the merrier. Let them anoint each other and bless each other as one Fred Phelps to another.

They tried to steal the buildings and money, too, and have largely lost in the courts. So they take great delight in having another opportunity to stone Gay men. It helps that this latest criminal child abuse syndicate happens to be foreign, after so much suffering at the hands of Catholic priests in the United States.

I won’t try to detail their convoluted group-think, which is all tangential nonsense while they’re looking for rocks and targets. They’re into God, guns and Gays—and oh yes, did you know the Canadian national health system is terrible and the British system is even worse?

They have various clerics who give them marching orders, while their website tries to become the Anglican Glenn Beck. There’s an audience for that, but it’s all ultimately in the service of neocon militarists like Dick Cheney, Bloody Bill Kristol and the rich people who profit from other people’s misery.

Homosexual priests are not pedophiles, anymore than homosexual men are. American cities are filled with Gay bars that are packed every weekend with men wanting to hook up with other men.

Bottom line: sexually, Gay men are looking for raw, hard masculinity. You can’t get that from a child. You might find a reasonable facsimile from a 16-year-old, but what the hell would you talk about afterwards?

Pedophiles are different. They’re looking to corrupt an innocent child, by using adult power to make a child do what they want. It’s a completely different mindset because it’s a completely different sex drive. Pedophiles don’t care about the gender of the child; it’s age, not gender, that matters to pedophiles.

Pedophilia is criminal and Gay sex is not, according to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003 under George W. Bush.

A majority of world nations have no sodomy laws, but the denizens of the Online Bigot Convention don’t get that. They thought that voting for Pat Robertson’s candidate was the beginning of the Second Coming of Christ, who unfortunately failed to show up.

There’s an interesting case of pedophilia in a nearby town—interesting except that it’s so heartbreaking. Some guy in Veedersburg, Indiana allegedly conned his girlfriend, a babysitter, into helping him make child porn, boys and girls both. The oldest victims were pre-pubescent, all the way down to toddlers and infants. A three-year-old girl told her mother, who took her to the cops (and the doctor). The cops raided the house and confiscated the video; it’s the worst abuse the cops have ever seen. The kids are probably damaged for life.

Was the pedophile a homosexual because a couple of boys were involved? No, he’s a pedophile. Age is what matters to him.

It turns out he’s been accused of abusing children before a few miles away in Lebanon, Indiana, but no charges were brought for lack of evidence. Most pedophiles are serial abusers, which brings us to the Roman Catholic Church.

Of all the theories floated by commenters at the Bigot Convention, no one’s managed to come up with my hunch: pedophiles realized a long time ago that the Roman Catholic Church was the perfect cover for their crimes. Get ordained and all of a sudden people look up to you like God, because you’re his spokesman, right? That’s what the Roman Church teaches. A priest is right next to God, because every Sunday he re-enacts the Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. So you don’t ever refuse a priest; whatever he tells you to do, you do.

Perfect setup for a criminal, and later for a syndicate. You think pedophiles don’t find each other? They always have, even pre-internet. Then they can trade kids, and pictures of kids. They can cover up for each other.

The new Irish report says that the hierarchy kept moving accused priests around for the sake of the Church’s reputation, and kept covering up in order to secure the Church’s finances. One Archbishop of Dublin stored 5000 documents about pedophile priests in his personal safe. It’s clear that all the bishops knew what they were doing, and why; the Church’s interest is always more important than a person’s, even if there are 400 persons and they’re children.

In the process of all this the Irish hierarchy has destroyed the faith of the Irish people. So what good did it do to “protect the Church’s reputation”?

A powerful institution will crush a human being every time. Now the Church itself is in shambles.

This is what you get when you let a man have too much power—pope, archbishop or Father Joe. Men are sinful. It says that right in my Bible.

Given that the Roman Church insists on a celibate, all-male priesthood, it’s the perfect haven for child molesters.

Other denominations have the occasional problem with this too—the Episcopal Church is defrocking the Bishop of Pennsylvania over it, when the molesting wasn’t his but his brother’s—but the Roman Church has attracted the lion’s share of child-abusing perverts because of its culture and theology. If Father can do no wrong, then kid, you’re stone out of luck.

Meanwhile the archbishop covers it all up and the police look the other way. The priesthood is the ideal place for committing crimes. Centuries ago a priest who committed a terrible crime couldn’t even be tried in civil court; wars had to be fought to fix that. (See Henry II and Thomas Becket.)

Today some Irish victims are calling for the pope to come to Ireland to apologize. I don’t think that’s likely, but it would be a welcome development, not only for the victims and the people who have lost their faith, but because it would be a sign of weakness. The new Irish report details that police investigators got no help whatever from the Vatican. The coverup goes on, and Ireland suffers.

I hope this does destroy the Roman Church there. Perhaps then a few additional voices that really are Christian can be heard. Meanwhile all we have is grief for the children—and a bunch of loudmouth anti-Gay bigots claiming to be Anglican and Blaming It All on Gay Men.

More bombs for Afghanistan, anyone? Gay executions in Anglican Uganda?++

UPDATE: The Lafayette (Ind.) Journal and Courier reports that the female who ran the babysitting service and had sex with babies on video has been sentenced to 125 years in prison.

Baby-sitter gets 125 years for sexual acts with kids

She tearfully refers to herself as ‘a victim, too’


COVINGTON – A Veedersburg woman who videotaped herself performing sexual acts with children, the youngest less than 2 months old, was sentenced this morning to 125 years in prison.

This came after Samantha L. Light, 26, pleaded guilty in October in Fountain Circuit Court to three counts of child molesting, each a Class A felony.

During today’s hearing, Light tearfully apologized for her actions – claiming that she was coerced by her boyfriend, Stephen E. Quick II. But parents of the victims said afterward that they doubted her sincerity.

“It’s hard. It’s hard to hear it over and over,” said Angela Hayman, Light’s cousin. Her child was molested by Light.

“She’s just as much to blame. She’s just as at fault as he is.”

At the time of Light’s arrest in March, she was running a day care service in her mother’s Veedersburg home, where both she and Quick were living.

The Fountain County Sheriff’s Department began investigating after the mother of a 3-year-old girl in Light’s care contacted police.

According to court documents, among the items investigators recovered at Light and Quick’s home was a videotape containing 90 minutes of footage.

Quick is scheduled to stand trial on Dec. 15.

In her statement to the court, Light called Quick a con artist who manipulated her psychologically. She claimed that Quick threatened to harm her family if she told anyone about the sex acts with children.

Light referred to herself as “a victim, too.”

“On the tape, I may appear happy. I may look like I’m enjoying myself,” she said. “I felt like I was dying inside because I knew how wrong it was.”

The children identified on the videotape were a 2-month-old girl, a 1-year-old boy, a 3-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy.

Myself, I’d probably have her shot.++

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