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Vatican’s Good Friday Message: Pope Is Victim, Not Kids

Raniero Cantalamessa, the pope's official preacher.

Some things just make me ashamed of being a Christian. Here’s one, from The New York Times:

Published: April 2, 2010

ROME — A senior Vatican priest speaking at a Good Friday service compared the uproar over sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church — which have included reports about Pope Benedict XVI’s oversight role in two cases — to the persecution of the Jews, sharply raising the volume in the Vatican’s counterattack.

The remarks, on the day Christians mark the crucifixion, underscored how much the Catholic Church has felt under attack from recent news reports and criticism over how it has handled charges of child molestation against priests in the past, and sought to focus attention on the church as the central victim.

Anti-Semitism kills people; ever hear of the Holocaust? Child molesting scars a kid for life. But here’s the pope’s own preacher claiming Ratzinger’s the real victim, because of… criticism. Words.

On Good Friday, no less. Lord have mercy upon this earth.

If this needs to be said (it shouldn’t), The Times found this guy to say it:

A leading advocate for sex abuse victims in the United States, David Clohessy, called comparing criticism of the church to persecution of the Jews “breathtakingly callous and misguided.”

“Men who deliberately and consistently hide child sex crime are in no way victims,” he said. “And to conflate public scrutiny with horrific violence is about as wrong as wrong can be.”

Later the Vatican tried to distance the pope from his preacher’s remarks a few feet away. However, AP adds this nugget:

Although the Vatican said Cantalamessa wasn’t speaking as an official of the Holy See, its official daily newspaper L’Osservatore Romano ran the text of the homily in full.

It’s my sad belief that the Vatican is irredeemable, in human (not theological) terms. It can’t be saved. There are no reforms that will fix it. It’s a hopeless case. The Protestant reformers were right, you have to kill it altogether; walk out and never go back.

Awww, poor papa. Being persecuted ‘n’ everything!

In the Philippines young men crucify themselves. In Rome, they hammer the nails.

What can one expect from Rome’s twisted control freakery? That it will continue to try to manipulate the public to the Vatican’s last dying day.

The Roman Church’s claim that fiction is fact isn’t just a public relations ploy in the media; it’s their bedrock principle of perverse “evangelism”: we’ll make you believe, by using fear. We’ll kill you if we have to, but you’re going to believe. We’ve killed before and we’ll do it again.

Inquisition; Ratzinger was in charge of it 1981-2005.

Jesus said, “Love thy neighbor.” In his name, nuns beat schoolchildren with rulers (or worse) in a hundred thousand classrooms.

You can’t beat love into a child.

If you try to manipulate a child into obedience through guilt, you may get some obedience but you’ll also get resentment and a complete loss of respect from that child, whose psyche you have ruined.

You can get impoverished peasants to throw money at a statue of the Virgin Mary paraded through the streets, but no one listens when you claim to love the poor.

Down is not up; criticism is not violence; criminals are not victims. The pope is not a Christian.

Jesus is worth devoting your life to; the Roman Church is a toxic dump.

Jews, forgive us; but the pope knows exactly what he’s doing.++

SNAP demonstration, San Francisco, March 29, 2010. (Paul Sakuma/AP)