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Catholic Newspaper: Pedophile Bribed Vatican Officials

Marcial Maciel, pedophile priest.

Read it if you can. You may not be able to finish it; it’s sickening.

It makes the Vatican look like a criminal enterprise. It makes the Six Wives of Henry VIII look like a walk in the park.

The church it describes isn’t recognizably Christian. But somehow this is the religion of a billion believers in kind, gentle Jesus.

No wonder so many priests have been able to get away with so much abuse. If the whole institution is corrupt (“fat envelopes full of cash”), of course there are thousands of victims.

Joseph Ratzinger, His current “Holiness,” is portrayed favorably. Perhaps he is a better man than I thought. The author says he turned down the cash.

My big take-away is not to tar the whole church and its billion souls because of the misdeeds of some proportion of adherents. There is no call to abuse your neighbors for going to mass and trying to live their lives. Your neighbors look like saints compared to these people.

The story concerns a Mexican priest who abused seminarians, got lavishly praised by Pope John Paul II, fathered children by several different women, and so ingratiated himself to millionaire widows and billionaire businessmen (read: the head of TelMex) that he ended up CEO of a Catholic corporation of “Legionaries” worth 25 billion Euros.

I mean, that’s an operator. We’re talking Warren Buffett’s league now, Bill Gates, the guys at Google.

Yet this Church’s big icks are birth control, abortion and same-sex marriage? You’ve got to be fucking kidding.

Thank God I’m an Episcopalian; “all of the ritual, half the guilt.”++