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Jack & Me in The New York Times: Gay Hospital Horror Stories

(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Tara Parker-Pope reports in the “Well” blog in the April 19 New York Times.

It’s half a dozen horror stories of Lesbian and Gay couples, and sometimes their children, being denied access to their loved one during medical emergencies.

Ms. Parker-Pope was following up on President Obama’s executive order to Medicare- and Medicaid-funded hospitals to let domestic partners in. She points out how spotty enforcement is, and is likely to remain, no matter what legal status and documents Gay partners have.

She did a nice job and spent a lot of time on the phone with me. She chose me to interview because of a comment I left on the subject last year on The Times website. (Who knew reporters actually read the comments?)

My only objection is the headline, which she didn’t write: “For Same-Sex Couples, Equality in the Hospital.” That should be INequality, dummies.

But I’m glad, even though Jack’s gone, that some small part of his suffering made it into print in the “newspaper of record,” or if not in print, at least online. Most injustice and human suffering never sees the light of day.

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