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Dumb Dog Democrats

Yup, Joe Donnelly's an outsider, all right, but he's still got the flag and Capitol thing going.

They’re not Blue Dogs, they’re dumb dogs.

Ind. Democrat Donnelly blasts Pelosi in new ad

By Tom Coyne, Associated Press Writer

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Indiana Rep. Joe Donnelly is taking an unusual jab at his party’s leadership in a campaign ad that refers to climate change legislation as “Nancy Pelosi’s energy tax.”

The two-term Democrat is pulling a page from Republican strategists in trying to distance himself from policies that have some voters wary.

In one ad, Donnelly says he voted against Pelosi’s “energy tax on Hoosier families.”

Another ad touts his votes to crack down on illegal immigration. Donnelly says he doesn’t work for the “Washington crowd” as a photograph of President Barack Obama, Pelosi and House Minority Leader John Boehner flashes by.

Indiana once had liberal Democrats in Congress, but the dumb dogs don’t remember that. Birch Bayh, Vance Hartke, Andy Jacobs, Julia Carson, Ray Madden – liberals, all of them. They believed in a compassionate society full of opportunity, and they knew how to defend their beliefs and get re-elected.

The current crop of Indiana Democrats (including the worst of them, Birch Bayh’s son Evan) are hapless, craven and lily-livered. (I’d call ’em queers but it’d be a step up.) You wonder why they even bother hanging a D behind their names.

They’re pussywillows. They’re joyless. They live in fear of Fox News and Sarah Palin, who’s nothing but a female bully. They’re all afraid to knock her down, when it’s the only thing that works against bullies. She’s dumb as a rock. I know grizzly bears with more intelligence than Sarah Palin. She doesn’t read, remember? I bet she doesn’t know how.

Yet here are these guys catering to her, afraid of her.

So Joe Donnelly takes a swing at Nancy Pelosi instead. She oughta deck him. Pelosi isn’t afraid of a fight.

The other day Barack Obama tried to get me to commit to vote this year. I put his e-mail in the trash, so he sent me another one. I emptied the trash.

I mean, how pathetic; I was Obama’s county coordinator in 2008, and now he’s asking me to promise I’ll vote? Give me something to vote for, birdbrain!

Pete Visclosky, one of the 15 most corrupt members of Congress, according to the Committee for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. To guys like this, the flag is just a prop.

I have nobody to vote for. My congressman? He’s a D, but he’s a crook. There’s no evidence that he benefits financially, but Pete Visclosky trades corporate earmarks for campaign contributions. It’s kind of sad, really; you’d think he’d at least get a fishing boat out of it, or an “institute of government” at NYU.

Rangel at work for the taxpayers of America.

Charlie Rangel, the Harlem Democrat, was once my Congressman; I was proud to vote for him. Not no more. He’s got four rent-controlled apartments (limit: one) plus a little villa down in the Dominican Republic he forgot to tell anyone about. It makes a nice chunk of change he doesn’t pay taxes on. And he was the chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means?

Pelosi ditched him.

Mind you, I’m not too wild about her either, but at least she exercises a little discipline and gets bills passed – watered-down bills, health care by-and-by, which is all these bedbug Democrats can manage lately; but without her Obama would have nothing to show for himself.

We pulled “all combat troops” out of Iraq this week, while leaving 50,000 soldiers there. We’re still up to our necks in Afghanistan. Guantanamo is still in business, and Gay and Lesbian soldiers are still getting drummed out of Rahm Emanuel’s military.

The de facto president. Apparently the Oval Office is vacant.

I’m fond of Barack Obama personally. But he gets the worst advice any president has ever received, and at some point (like now) he becomes responsible for that; he picked these bozos, including half of Goldman Sachs as his economic advisers, and personal goodwill is not enough.

If he doesn’t have the mental flexibility to realize that Republicans are not going to compromise, they’re only going to obstruct; that they have no ideas and no candidates; that all they’ve got is Fox and Palin; that there is no point in being post-partisan when his opponents are all partisan; and that his only alternative is to become as partisan as they are, then he’s the new bus driver heading right over the cliff.

And no, sir, I will not vote for that.

You either come up with a jobs program and repeal the Bush tax cut for millionaires, or you don’t. Screw the deficit if you have to, interest rates are miniscule! Either be a Democrat or go home.

Stand up or shut up. Either the bullies rule or you do. Which is it going to be?

If you can’t beat this guy, you can’t beat anybody.++