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Don Armstrong Pleads ‘No Contest’ to Church Theft

Looks pious, doesn't he.

The Denver Post has the news; Episcopal Café has the background. So first, the news:

Pueblo Special prosecutor Stephen Jones announced today that former Episcopalian priest Donald Armstrong, ex-pastor of Grace Church in Colorado Springs, has entered a “no-contest” plea to felony theft in exchange for a deferred judgement and sentence.

Armstrong, 61, indicted by a 4th Judicial District grand jury in 2009 on 20 counts of felony theft, was accused of embezzling almost $300,000 from church and trust funds over eight years to pay for his two children’s college.

Armstrong and his loyal congregation already had lost a civil trial last year to determine who owned Grace Church and St. Stephen’s Parish, a historic downtown property valued at about $17 million.

The Episcopal Diocese of Colorado and parishioners loyal to the bishop won back the church that Armstrong’s congregation had been occupying.

Here is John B. Chilton’s reporting for Episcopal Café:

A charismatic founder of the Anglican Communion Institute and current priest in good standing in ACNA is pleading no contest to felony theft from The Episcopal Church. The Rev. Don Arrnstrong had long contended he would be proven innocent of charges. The charges first came to light while Armstrong was still a part of the Episcopal Church. Armstrong had claimed the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado had trumped up the charges and the true nature of the dispute was rooted in theological differences. Martyn Minns and Peter Akinola immediately accepted Armstrong and his congregation into CANA even while threat of state criminal prosecution hung over Armstrong.

“ACNA” is the anti-Gay, schismatic Anglican Church of North America, which was originally a product of the Anglican Church of Nigeria and its former archbishop Peter Akinola. Martyn Minns is the former rector of the breakaway Falls Church in Virginia; he’s now a bishop in ACNA.

None of the prominent commentators in ACNA Land has anything to say so far about Armstrong’s copping a plea to the theft charges. Viagraville is silent; Baby Blue, George Conger and the other anti-Gay schismatic cheerleaders have put away their pompoms for the weekend.

But let the record show: The Episcopal Church was right all along. The man is a thief and a liar.

Money’s just money, but leading sheep astray is a sin.

Colorado Springs, home of Focus on the Family, Ted Haggard, the indoctrinating machine at the U.S. Air Force Academy and unconstitutional Amendment 2, remains the belly of the Beast foretold in St. John’s Revelation.++


8 Responses

  1. I really am mean. I have a hard heart. I am sick to death of religious criminals, the ACNA chorus of whining GLOBAL SOUTH scoudrels, BIG MOUTHED BIGOTS and common thieves at Church who pretend to be ¨Godly¨ (in their own words)…honest, why can´t these dudes and their absurd accomplices go off to jail where they belong? Never do we hear a ¨I´m sorry¨ never do we note any action of amends or, shudder, a trickle of remorse from a corner of a eye…the only thing highflying grandstanding blowhards ever indicate is that they know nothing about REAL humility or right vs. wrong…sociopath comes to mind.

    Box em up, ship em to Alcatraz, or a year or twelve in Pakistan, or off with their puffed-up/self-righteous evil/ egodriven heads…the jury is no longer out.

  2. Regarding the above photo…I think he looks like a dimwit trying to look intelligent…I think he looks like a common thug trying to look like a notable citizen…I think he reeks of blind arrogance and know-it-all-lessness. Pious, nope, just another assbite of a criminal all dressed up with nowhere, except possibly jail, to go. What happened to his pals/accomplices in grab and stash? What, no visit from Duncan Pitts or Martina Pimms (they probably sent condolence messages on their Akinola decoder episcopal gold plated rings).

  3. Box ’em up, ship ’em out… they didn’t even need a jury on this guy, they had the proof on him already.

    If I stole 300 grand, I doubt I’d get a deferred judgment and sentence; I’d get hard time at Michigan City. But then, I don’t have one of them there collars.

  4. You got me going…I cross posted (yes, I barked a little),


  5. We further believe the disparity between the magnitude of charges made against Father Armstrong by the Episcopal Diocese and the final content of the plea agreement vindicates not only Father Armstrong, but also clearly affirms our confidence that we ran an effective and well managed church in our days at the helm of Grace & St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, and continue to do so at St. George’s Anglican Church.¨

    You´ll love this…at St. Georges, Colorado Springs, website…blah, blah, blah…head in the sand, etc…they get what they deserve.

  6. P.T. Barnum: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

    Pleading no contest to a felony is not “vindication,” it’s the legal equivalent to admitting guilt. Don Armstrong is not only a thief, he’s a *committed* liar.

    Box ’em up, ship ’em out.

  7. Sadly, Church Fraud is a very real concern, with potential risk from the outside as well as within, made evident by the actions of Donald Armstrong. There are simple steps to increase the security of a church’s finances but it is difficult to know where to start. I recently found out about a Christian Accounting firm that offers online tools and support for churches. They have some excellent resources as well as an online questionnaire that will determine whether a church is at risk. Their service is called Weeds in the Garden.

  8. This is a glod tip particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Short but very precise information… Thanks for haring this one.
    A must read post!

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