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What Would Jesus Do about the Corporate Takeover?

Battered and fried cheese.

I would love to pontificate about the midterm elections, but Rachel Maddow has already done it so well the world doesn’t need to hear it from me. She got it 98% right, and you can’t ask more than that.

(You might ask me about the other 2%, but that ends up being a discussion of fried cheese in Wisconsin. I’m from Indiana. I pray God we don’t fry cheese here, but we doubtless do.)

Big business oligarchs are taking over our country. Why would they not, after 60 years of corporate propaganda from “Leave It to Beaver” to Rachel Maddow? Here’s a Lesbian commentator paid for by Astra Zenica, whose pill for “erectILE” dysfunction, not erect-ILL, might kill you if you don’t pay attention.

Ms. Maddow is a great truth-teller, brought to you by insurance companies, e-traders and Big Pharma. If your erection lasts longer than X hours, do call 911.

The oligarchy is now in charge. Corporations now own the Supreme Court and the House of Representatives. Hidden corporate money financed most of the successful political campaigns. The corporate oligarchy is oh so close.

What would Jesus do? I think he’d overthrow their kiosks and condemn TV.

But for 60 years we’ve been willing to trade free, crummy sitcoms (which we now pay for on cable) for corporate propaganda; behold that gorgeous cheap Big Mac.

We sold our souls a long time ago; who now can be surprised that Sharron Angle said Hispanic students looked like Asians, or that Christine O’Donnell is not a witch?

Snap, crackle and pop; Americans are hooked on advertising and motivated by fear, while the Current Occupant has no idea how to say no. What can we do when a studly president insists on castrating himself?

I’m glad for his accomplishments, but totally unimpressed that he cannot defend them. Two years in, Barack Obama looks totally inept.

I was his county coordinator.++

Obama in Nairobi; the cheers have stopped in Indianapolis.

2 Responses

  1. I wish he were as clever as I think he is…maybe he ought pay attention to Michelle, she seems as if she knows how to get down to business with all the political crapola.

    Onward. I pray things get ugly and the U.S. is snapped out of it´s greed/hate habit…how dare Republicans be elected with the two wars they initiated still a complete mess…boxes, bags, bank fulls of money and IDIOTS want to trust grandstanding blockheads again.

    More will be revealed…watch as neither side can blame anyone else for the next two years…the greedsters/bigots will be shouting for blood.


  2. I mean more blood (as if Iraq/Afghanistan aren´t drenched enouch).

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