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New Boyfriend. At My Age. Absurd & Delightful!

Down to the ledge, over the Atlantic Ocean.

His name is Andrew. He’s a former Roman monk. He has a daughter named Alissa. We’ve never even met, but when we do it’s going to get crazy.

He’s in Maine. His parents are there as well as his daughter. I’m in Indiana, 1300 miles away. It will take me three days just to drive there.

But I’m going. You can’t stop me. He’s pretty neat.

He hopes to be ordained a vocational deacon. He has the backing of his rector and his parish.

Tell me, should Joshua be married to a deacon? Damnrightheshould.

He’s a member of my Daily Office congregation. That’s like meeting a guy in church, exactly where we ought to meet each other.

Not in a Gay bar, not on a street corner, in church. I kind of like this guy; he’s very sweet.

I’m 60. He’s 55 or so. He needs some loving. I’ve got some on hand.

I need some loving too; he’s got a mountain of it right outside his house.

He lives in a small town on the coast, designated the prettiest place in America by Forbes.com.

They have lobsters and crabs and all kinds of fishes of the sea. The harbor’s right there; he looks down on it from his special ledge almost every night.

Did I mention the lobsters and crabs? If not, here we go again: lobsters and crabs!

He lives in a fishing village, and although it snows there every single day without any letup whatsoever from August to June (and do I need to say this, I do not care for cold), that’s where this boy lives. We’re here, it’s Maine, get used to it.

Very frightening. But kind of nice.

He’s very intense; so am I. We’re hoping we don’t beat each other senseless.

We’re hoping to sit on his ledge over the ocean, holding hands.

I could use your prayers over this; it sounds absurd, but it might work, you never know.

A boyfriend, at my age. What is he thinking of?

Uh, me. And why should he not?++

Andrew's prayer table. Could he possibly be more seductive?

8 Responses

  1. Blessings, Josh! You will likely need to drive through NJ on your way or coming back. You owe me a sermon at my parish 🙂

  2. Hope he likes dogs too, you can’t ;leave Luke behind. I’m very happy for you!

  3. Wouldn’t that be fun – though in fact it is entirely possible to skip New Joisey.

    For you, I’d make a special trip.

  4. If I drive, Luke comes with me. If I fly, I’m hoping he can stay with Angie. I haven’t asked her yet. I worry a little.

    I want to take Luke to Andrew’s ledge. He’ll have to be on a leash because he’s not used to mountains and the sea.

    But I want him to meet Andrew, and I want him to see the most beautiful place in America.

  5. Honey Mooning amongst the Maya is a good idea (particularly in the dead of next Winter)…I just returned back home only to find that you´re running off with another muchacho (thank God I´m Juan Carlos-sitoed already so my tears are of true joy and not jealousy)…let´s not jump ahead, BUT, if MONK, perhaps he can can, and can, and preserve some of your gardenly goods? Have you picked and picked your garden bare already–by skype? Truly, this sounds like something right out of a book (written by you, natch)…maybe, just maybe this feller will provide some fresh inspiration…I think it may happen(ed)…YIKES! (of course Luke must sniff out the situation).

    Leonardo Ricardo

  6. Besides, I think it´s time for a photo of fresh/this decade smooching on the bannerhead of this blog.

  7. I like this banner, which is only from 2007 or so, two of the lead plaintiffs in Gay People vs. California. I like them. That isn’t some casual smooching.

    It was a little calculated, designed to make the news. They’re my kind of guys, show ’em what you’ve got.

    Plus that’s Jewelle Gomez in those ridiculous blonde curls. Have you got Jewelle Gomez at the foot of your volcano? Why not?

    Still, I loves me some Leonardo, so there.


  8. thank you – for the continued inspiration

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