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Vicar’s Statement on the Resignation of the Archbishop of Canterbury

Reader, in the wake of the resignation of the Archbishop of Canterbury, you’re going to see a lot of comments online discussing theology and other abstractions, but you won’t see many like this: in Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya and other countries, Anglican bishops promote hatred, terror and violence against LGBT people, resulting in many deaths and mass intimidation all over English-speaking Africa.

These are the bishops Rowan Williams was so eager to keep inside his precious Anglican Communion. He knew all about the participation of these bishops in encouraging violence, and he knew the lives lost because of it. Those lives didn’t matter to him; he condemned abstract “homophobia” a few times, but never the bishops and politicians who gained power by preaching homophobia and inciting violence. So Lesbians still get raped and killed, and Gay men still get arrested, beaten and jailed, where they die in prison with no one to claim their bodies.

In terrorism against LGBT people, there’s no difference between Anglican Africa, Muslim Iran and Orthodox Russia.

In putting the needs of the institutional church ahead of those of abused victims, Rowan’s acted just like the pope’s archbishops.

So yes, Rowan is great with theological abstractions. But he avoids all responsibility for those beaten by his friends and left bloody by the side of the road. In Jesus’s parable, Rowan is the priest who crossed to the other side of the road to ignore the victim, not the Good Samaritan. I think he should answer for it, and I rejoice at his resignation.

It won’t do the victims any good, but maybe now my Church can reclaim its basic humanity. He threw morality away to appease thugs in clerical collars.++

Little Rowan and Big Pete Akinola, the former Archbishop of Nigeria. (MadPriest)

2 Responses

  1. We have exactly the same opinion (I´m so happy that you could put it into words and write this brief statement of painful truth. How I´d love to publish it at my blog…but, not yet, not until the necessary votes are in at the Church of England to defeat the Anglicant Covenant (the Instrument of Anglican Communion Iquistion and Death — of the kind that you mention above and the kind that will truely tear the fabric of the Anglican Communion). Maybe, week after next weekend? Is that a yes? Hope so, thank you for your passion regarding the real lives, at Church, of people like us…Love to you and yours and the puppy tambien…Leonardo

  2. Sure, go ahead and publish it. Maybe you’d like to add a Silence=Death graphic too.

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