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2200 Miles Later, My Magnum Opus Is Done; Now What?

Tom of Finland

After ten years of following my fictional characters Jamie and Kent around, taking down their every thought, word and deed – looking in on their sex lives, picking over corpses’ bones with them, being lobbied to omit Jamie’s occasional culinary failures – I am at last coming to the end of my latest and best novel.

The final rewrite of The Gospel According to Gay Guys is done. I’ve transferred the text from a blog to document format, and now have only two more steps to go before it’s published as an e-book: downloading a word processing program and formatting correctly, then uploading it to the publisher.

I feel like a hiker who’s traversed the entire length of the Appalachian Trail; it’s exhilarating to climb the final mountain and look over my tiny, magnificent triumph. But soon it’s time to descend again and go home, wondering what to do with the rest of my life.

I’m glad I hiked. My head is full of memories; not just magnificent views, but delightful or frightening wildlife, hunger, thirst, illness, danger, confusion. Why did I go on such a lengthy quest? Just to say afterward, “I did it”?

Was it worth it? Yes. Would I do it again? I think once is enough.

How did it change me? And how do I know which changes came from hiking and which from living an extra decade?

I woke up this morning with one question on my mind: should I keep the explicit sex in a book that calls itself the Gospel? Sex no longer interests me the way it once did. I seldom look at porn anymore; this is a very recent change and it comes as quite a surprise. I’ve devoted my entire adult life to the liberation of oppressed Gay people, as if I were Elizabeth Cady Stanton – so “sex” has been at the center of my work. I’m immensely proud of what I’ve done; not just in politics, community organizing, religion or even writing. I think I’ve come up with rare or even original ideas about Gay men and sex.

But I’m starting to think that my waning interest is like a lot of other former hobbies I’ve had; is it gone for good?

It’s very odd, watching obsessions gradually disperse. I was 34 when I quit dancing in Gay bars, because Jack didn’t dance and I was in love with Jack. So one day I just stopped. Then over the years I quit watching TV, going to movies, wearing leather, even following Purdue basketball. This spring for the first time I didn’t watch the NCAA Tournament. And now even sex leaves me shrugging. I’m not bored or burned out, I’m just refining mind, body and soul perhaps.

Mind you, I’ve slept with “Kent Kessler” every night since 1994. I doubt I stop that, but I didn’t think I’d ever stop being turned on sexually, even though I’ve pretty much given up the act.

I can tell how I’ve changed by the clothes in my closet; all my leather gear is shoved in the back. I don’t like wearing the Wrangler jeans I bought five years ago on my trip out West; those jeans are too tight now. I bought them to be tight (and I haven’t gotten bigger), but now I don’t want tight anymore. I no longer buy anything from International Male.

Some of this is just being 60, but some of it may represent spiritual growth, too.

If so, should I keep the explicit sex?

If it’s true that I have some sexual insights in the book, they should stay – even if my potential fans are turned off. Mrs. Cady Stanton caused an uproar in 1906 when she published The Women’s Bible; it was so controversial the National American Women’s Suffrage Association repudiated her, though she was their founder! The thing is, now we know she was right. If her book was published today it wouldn’t be the huge bestseller it was a century ago. It would still be denounced by fundamentalists, but it wouldn’t have the same cultural impact today. Millions of Christians address God as female now; I do too, including on my prayer sites with their 2 million hits. Yesterday’s revolution is today’s wisdom.

So what insights do I think I have?

• Monogamy, for one; it isn’t the most important issue in sexual relating, but Gay guys shouldn’t reject it out of hand, no matter what pressure we get from peers, pornographers and queer theorists. Some guys have always believed in it, because monogamy can lead to greater intimacy. Do I think it should be enforced? No. Do I think it should be respected? Very much.

• Masculinity is at the heart of Gay male sexuality. I didn’t write a single bitchy queen in any of my thousand chapters, or even a queen with a heart of gold, simply because I don’t write queens at all. I’m not against them; I just don’t really understand them. (They’re born that way, so I don’t oppress them either.) I attempt to illustrate a “new masculinity,” though it’s very familiar to every Gay guy; it isn’t Straight masculinity, but it’s definitely active, decisive, courageous, tender sometimes, aggressive at others. Masculine is what most of us are.

It’s morally wrong to oppress Gay guys who aren’t masculine or don’t identify with the term, but even they want a lover who’s very butch. Quentin Crisp was right in saying we all want “a big dark man,” but he was completely wrong in saying that man doesn’t exist. Crisp was profoundly homophobic, which was only natural given his era, but that homophobia is why he became unpopular again at the end of his life, at the very time he was celebrated for his longevity and courage. If the only desirable man is a Straight one – and that’s exactly what he believed, and what many of us still believe – we’re doomed.

I say we’re not doomed, and that Gay men are more desirable partners for us in every way.

“Homosexuals” exist on a spectrum that probably corresponds to biological differences within our group. We’re all a bit different. But we do cluster – almost unanimously – in our turnons, so a Gay author’s job is to illustrate that and to celebrate it. My character Kent is an athlete, a cop and a hunter; he also cries when he’s overwhelmed with grief. My character Jamie is terrified of bugs and other critters who “invade” his house, but he’s clearly an outstanding leader.

If anything I’ve overdone my descriptions of them as butch guys to overcome the stereotypes. But I like lifting up positive images of our masculinity. Most Gay guys are not so much “Straight-acting” as male-acting. I think our books should say so.

• I have aimed to lift up the sexualizing of power, which is very desirable (it’s what that whole macho-turnon thing is about), but stop short of sadomasochism, which I’m increasingly convinced is an abuse of power – less physically abusive than emotionally so. We’re only two generations past Stonewall, and we still have a lot of internalized shame about sucking dick. SM, I’ve come to believe, acts out that secret shame and is destructive.

Get this, I’m a former member of the Windy City Bondage Club; I will always wish leathermen well. I’ve been impressed many times by their intelligence and sensitivity, and I believe organized BDSM clubs provide a real public service for the sexually adventurous by emphasizing safety, responsibility and accountability.

But the bottom line is that sadism isn’t worthy of respect, and neither is masochism. They both sound, look and smell like internalized homophobia; look at all the degradation in fetish porn. Considering SM’s popularity, you’d think the Stonewall generation didn’t accomplish much at all; we’re still punishing ourselves and each other for being cocksuckers.

That’s not healthy. That’s not being liberated in the least.

Of course there’s a difference between fantasy and reality; it is good to recognize and express sexual fantasies in safe ways. But as I’ve explored these questions with real leather tops and bottoms – intelligent, mature men who know what they’re doing and are careful to stay physically and emotionally safe – what I’ve found is that the sadistic impulse in tops is real; they like the idea of hurting someone, and I don’t respect that. The masochist feels deeply unworthy, deserving of punishment. He may act out only symbolically, but his feelings are real and so are those bruises; I find it tragic, because in truth he’s as worthy as anyone else to walk this earth, and often more so. Masochists are very good boys.

So the sexual turnon I give Kent and Jamie is dominance and submission. I make them be explicit about turning on to power. One gives sexual orders and the other is happy to take them. But I also wrote a scene in which too much is too much, so they are forced by their mutual love to rebalance. Sometimes the only way to learn is by making mistakes.

Power’s a very masculine thing (and of course women have it too). But it has to be controlled, and it should never be Gay-hating at its core, or we’re simply parodies of Straight guys (many of whom are smarter than their stereotypes). One of my favorite lines in the book is Kent’s to Jamie: “What you Gay guys have going here’s a cult of masculinity.”

That elevates Gay guys; abuse does not. Gay men have been abused for thousands of years all over the world, and still are abused in many, many places, so I don’t think we ought to be re-enacting it, much less calling it love.

In order to illustrate these things I think I know, I’ve laid them out explicitly in the book. Will this help or hurt sales? I don’t know. At least I’m expressing my truths, whether right or wrong, well-expressed or not.

• My overarching belief about Gay men’s liberation is that we can only achieve it psychologically by achieving it sexually; that sex is the way to get to wholeness. Maybe that sounds simple enough, but it’s difficult to do, considering it involves one or more flawed human beings.

As long as we are acting out the scripts of other people – pornographers, Gay politicians, scientists and doctors and therapists, leather theorists, bar owners, writers and the entire array of homophobes and ignoramuses, religious and otherwise – we are failing to be true to ourselves.

The journey is personal. The healing is sexual. This book is me on the Appalachian Trail.

I have tried to describe an ideal relationship, and the personal qualities a man must bring to it to be fulfilled and fully human. My characters are young, handsome and rich, but those qualities aren’t necessary; they’re also honest, and that quality is.

A lot of times I see my people being dishonest, sexually and in other ways. It doesn’t help, fellas. We can’t be lovers if we’re not honest friends.

But love is more than friendship; it is a state, a condition, an ongoing reality, a decision that I will put you first. And I can’t do it for a lifetime if you’re not also putting me first.

This is why monogamy really helps.

Love doesn’t require continuous self-sacrifice; a lot of times it’s mutually beneficial. I like you, you like me, let’s have a party!

The chief thing we have to learn, I think, is the difference between sex and making love. During sex a man is primarily concerned with his own orgasm. In making love he’s primarily concerned with his partner’s. It’s a fundamental difference. Tricking with a stranger may be good or bad, but lovemaking is clearly the best.

A lovemaker turns on by turning his partner on, until they both can’t help but come. (Yippee!)

Orgasm is the result of losing control, which is why a dominant/submissive relationship, which is about control in its structure, can be such a hot idea between two men. It fits our fantasies to a T: Gay guys like dick. We like having one and we like getting one. The percent of times we give and/or get will vary, but sexually it’s all about the dick.

Where Religion Comes In

As a Christian I have two additional beliefs; one, that sex is sacramental, that it reveals God to us. Two, that our lover isn’t and never will be God, but God is and always will be our lover.

I cannot stress enough that God loves us as Gay guys in our fucking; he delights in our lovemaking. That’s when we are closest to him, when he’s excited with us and feeling close. (Of course this means doing it right, and Dr. Pittenger said there is good, better and best.)

Learning to do it right, unlike my young fictional characters, takes every step and footfall on that 2200-mile trail through the mountains. By the time we get to “right,” we may be 60 freaking years old. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, all our fur’s rubbed off; we’ve lost an eye and our nose has been sewn back on a dozen times. We never will be new again, but that’s okay, it’s great.

If we’re lucky we live so long that we learn from love what God is like. He gave us sex to teach us how to love each other.

God is love; we all know and agree on that. Where preachers quote Bible verses, I’ve tried to draw a picture in words. I’ve tried to tell a story worth reading; I’ve tried to say what I have learned.

And if the telling of sex galore now means I’m pretty much done with the doing of it, I think I’m all right with that. I think it might mean, in my post-Trail world, that I’m starting to be ready for the life of the spirit.

There isn’t a contradiction between the life of the body and the spirit, far from it, but almost all of us choose the life of the body first. Fewer of us get to the life of the spirit afterward, or ever.

I don’t presume that I will never love a man again, but I may be more ready to love God than ever from having walked this trail for so long.

I hope I’ve written it well; I hope I give my readers food for thought, love and prayer. The sex is staying in the book, despite my second thoughts.

This is what I’m convinced of: God is an irresistible magnet, because of his perfection. He draws us to him in a way that’s inexorable, yet joyful and full of personality – ours! Mine. Yours, just the way you are.

This overwhelming attraction of divine love is what I see in Leonardo Ricardo’s art; he paints and builds within cultural frameworks, yet his work is madly exuberant. You can’t take your eyes off it. I see the same divine spark in pictures of his dogs, his garden and when he writes about his friends. This man loves what he’s doing! He just explodes with it like a volcano.

That’s what happens to every soul in love with God. Our final destination is a place of ecstasy, such that orgasm is a foretaste.

Heaven is where, when you finally arrive at the top of the mountain after all that time and work, all those steps over 2200 miles, a miracle happens; you don’t have to climb down and go home. Your new mountaintop becomes your home. You get to stay and enjoy all the scenery that teems with life.

I think it’s time to get The Gay Man’s Bible into print.++

Mt. Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine, the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

10 Responses

  1. “SM, I’ve come to believe, acts out that secret shame and is destructive.”

    Excellent insight, Josh. I’ve had much the same thought for a long time now, but have never gotten around to blogging about it. We think a lot alike on that and other points you made here, it’s good to know I’m not the only one.

  2. Kent spanks Jamie – “not for being bad, but for being good.” Those boys do have an awful lot of fun.

  3. Congrats, Josh, once again! It’s been a long time coming and you’ve put care and love and work into it. I hope it succeeds beyond your expectations!


  4. So which e-publisher is it going to be, Dreamspinner Press, Silver Publishers or Totally-E-Bound?

    Of course I’ve read it already, but you know me, I would buy the PDF and Kindle version both.

  5. Robert: Thanks for your support. I hope it succeeds WITHIN my expectations – or half or a fourth or an eighth!

    Peter: Kindle only. It’s a better book now than when you read it. I actually ran into two passages of Really Bad Writing this time, though I’d have thought I wasn’t capable of RBW. One was a long scene with a person (Mrs. Washburn) who is never seen again (“What’s she doing here?”), and the other was a lumpy, meandering, repetitive, tasteless stew; not even garlic would have helped. So I yanked it out and inserted something from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s trunk. There aren’t many shows that can’t use “June Is Bustin’ Out All Over!”

  6. Gulp. Fill up. Float. Smack. Awaken. Blend. Savor (or savour amongst some our own).

    Josh, The energy you have always rips me wide open and I always find myself building pace while reading entries from you. You rock and I rock back and forth and I am caught up in who and what you must portray with great bursts of energy. This above entry actually grabs at me and tosses me about with such great insistance that I don´t miss a note, a doted i or one moment of what you have seen and what you mean by it…you shake me when you tell me that ¨I told you¨ so without words…and, this is the what is according to you and those you´ve shaped and reshaped into new persons portrayed ramroddedly…new persons who never are far away from the ones that come to mind from past places and faces that feel for you. Not only the remaking of worlds near and away but your arrival clarity of the what really is, not the what ought be…the facts of Gay life according to Josh…END, FIN, 30!

    As I read the above I visions of sugared nightmares dancing on the screen of my minds eye you tossed me around my own experience…I knew some of the full bodied whoms that you described and yet some of your well thought out meanings were nearby but a stretch for me to see…close and believable assumptions that were neighbors to my own from another part of town and not from the ghetto of my own Gay deceiving but ultimate believing…I´m spun dry and feel you know stuff..even stuff about me: ¨his work is madly exuberant¨…you´ve told my secret, my longing my quest and all those years in the Gay Bars of San Francisco as a young man I knew, deep down, and even then that each sexual blending was more than sex, it was a madly exuberant and blessed event…I knew that as well as I know God now as before…the passion is more than the sex that makes a fuller life, and sometimes love too, explode into being. There is much seen in the seen and unseen of simply being…and you and people like you and me aren´t done as there is no end to the revealing.

    Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to figuring out how to read your book entirely (I´m a better painter than a printer).

    Your friend,
    Len, Leonardo, Lenny, Leo, Leonard (all of me)

  7. Just for the record: I can´t believe I missed Gay Spirit Diary on my live feed for ONE WEEK! I was no doubt meant to read it tonight with few distractions…thanks you again, thanks, Josh, for this. Leonardo

  8. Thank you, Len. That’s the most poetic, beautiful thing you’ve ever written to me, something to savor in my heart.

    Your wild exuberance and deep-felt love-ability has brought you many friends, lifelong and new; somehow people sense in you a quality that’s of the Spirit, blowing wherever she will, lighting things up with warmth and joy. And whether she’s male or female (or we are), we want some of that. “Your heart is free just like the wind,” Vikki Carr used to sing.

    Since I wrote this post a week ago some things have changed for me. I wrote it so I could make a decision about the book’s erotic content, and I did make that determination, it’s staying. My spiritual director Marcia, who talked to me 24 hours later, also helped me know. Rather than change the post, I’ll just report now on some small, good developments. I’ve come to realize that my “lack of interest in sex now” may be only an initial reaction to finishing the book and making it publishable. It is a shock to come to Mt. Katahdin, the end of the trail, after all this time. Last night I had a dream in which several suitors desired me – somehow I’d promised myself to all of them – and I ended up being carried off (!) by a chubby fellow, though I’ve never been attracted to big guys in my life. He was just the sweet right one somehow, in that moment. I didn’t focus on his weight, just the surprising opportunities – and if I’m having sexy dreams, my love life’s still intact.

    I’ve continued to tinker with the manuscript a little, even now that it’s in final form; new little ideas keep occurring to me. A comic scene toward the end, which nevertheless has a serious purpose, allowed me to work in a reference to one of my mother’s funny food habits that she taught me. We eat raw potatoes; I’ve never known anyone else who does. It fits the scene, an inside joke – Jamie won’t let Kent eat potato chips, he feeds him raw spuds instead – and I’m really glad to have my mother in there. The chapter also ends now with a piece of music, an aria, I got from Russ Manley’s blog (top of the Blogroll above, and the first comment). So The End is never the end with me. I hope it isn’t for anyone.

    Finally, on the matter of raw language, which makes even you blush: I write this way for a couple of reasons. It’s honest, authentic to me and how I talk, it fits the characters – and I am, after all, hoping to reach some people (my people) in everything I do. I’m not a street priest, but I am a Gay evangelist, and I do want Gay guys to be comfortable with me; I speak their language, I think like they think, maybe we can be friends. I would like those with a Christian background, who feel they were driven away from the church years ago, to try coming back in a new and better community. They’re integral to it, we need them, and they need God right back. I know how battered they’ve been; I hear the same religious crap they hear – but it doesn’t come from Jesus. Far from it, it comes from men.

    There has been this huge flowering, since Stonewall, of genuine religion as Christ taught it, lived it, and has always wanted us to live it. This giant garden never used to exist, but now it does. God created it through loving human beings, and it has sprouted everywhere. But it needs encouragement and watering, tending and feeding, so it can feed others.

    Thank God for those women and men, Gay and Straight, Trans and Bi, who’ve built this garden at the Spirit’s behest. Now we want more people to enjoy it, to know it’s here for them to come to anytime they want. We don’t want anyone left out. We need publicity (activism, writing, music, poetry, art, video) to let them know it’s here; they can’t come if they don’t know it exists.

    The Episcopal Church is one of many loving places. The whole Church will eventually go this way, but we happen to be out front here and now, 2012. To Protestants we are Protestant. To Catholics we are Catholic – the only church that’s both. Baptist, Orthodox, Pentecostal, we’ve got you covered. (Mormons, you take a little more fertilizing, but we love your native sweetness and purity.)

    So come, check out this garden, see if it’s a place you like.

    It’s sex-positive, though Christ will eventually talk you into the best human being you can be. That’s just his thing, you know him; he was born that way.

    I love it here. For the first time in my life I am part of a Christian community, that works for justice and has a lot of fun. Come and see!

    Don’t be afraid. Come and see.++

  9. Give us our ¨battered¨, our persistant, our innergood and basic decency-questing…you´re right! Come and see. Truth is more attractive in these days of prosperity tainted self-righteous bigotry blended with greedseeking tongue sluring at Church…of course simple truth would be more desireable and beconning as the lsink in the tiresome selfish striving and babbling.

    We, and we know who we are, still stand and move ahead one step at a time because we are built very solidly. We´re equipped with real life experience(s) and we have learned to live through the hurricanes as did those before us (but they often had to hide in the cellars of being to survive the flying old goats and shards of stained glass aimed at our hearts).

    It´s true. It easier for us to ¨be¨ than ever it has been before but we will keep our eye on the prize of equality…I think that´s what God wants from me…a celebration of our authenticity.

    Thanks again,


  10. Give us our and your ¨battered¨, our persistant, our innergood and basic decency-questing…you´re right! Come and see. Truth is more attractive in these days of prosperity tainted self-righteous bigotry blended with greedseeking tongue sluring at Church…of course simple truth would be more desireable and beconning as the lsink in the tiresome selfish striving and babbling.

    We, and we know who we are, still stand and move ahead one step at a time because we are built very solidly. We´re equipped with real life experience(s) and we have learned to live through the hurricanes as did those before us (but they often had to hide in the cellars of being to survive the flying old goats and shards of stained glass aimed at our hearts).

    It´s true. It easier for us to ¨be¨ than ever it has been before but we will keep our eye on the prize of equality…I think that´s what God wants from me…a celebration of our authenticity.

    Thanks again,


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