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How Romney Might Win

Benghazi, Libya on 9/11, in an orchestrated attack that cost Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans their lives.

Suppose Mitt Romney’s attack on President Obama in the midst of an escalating, deadly international crisis – widely characterized by pundits as the mistake of a floundering campaign – was instead part of a winning strategy?

He accused Obama of having apologized to the so-called protesters in Libya. This has been a consistent Romney theme on the campaign trail, that Obama apologizes to foreigners. Romney’s 2010 campaign preview book, which he supposedly wrote, is titled “No Apology.”

But those were no protesters in Libya, according to Rachel Maddow. They were the local affiliate of al Qaeda.

She says that stupid anti-Muslim hate video we’ve been hearing about had nothing to do with it. The attack took place on 9/11. (So did Romney’s criticism.)

I saw her Thursday show on Friday online. I was astonished. It was completely unlike what any other media outlet is saying. So far it hasn’t seeped out to other outlets. She wasn’t theorizing, she had facts. And a live report from Cairo.

Tonight we have almost 20 Muslim countries, from Tunis to Pakistan, protesting the United States, supposedly about the video – and their motivation may be true, even as their behavior has not been violent. But the result is now we’ve got “Muslims attacking and killing Americans.”

Who is Romney’s campaign target? Barack Hussein Obama.

According to polls, something like 40% of Republicans already claim to believe he’s a Muslim. Romney says he apologizes for America, and specifically did so in Libya. (This is really a coded way of saying “he’s a traitor.”)

If this crisis continues to grow, it’s possible we could go to war. And all of a sudden we’ve got that “Muslim president” against a backdrop of Muslims using deadly force against us.

If things go wrong, Romney could win in a landslide.

Consider: for years now we’ve had a “birther” movement, kicked up by the Tea Party and Donald Trump. Romney himself added to it in his hometown Detroit the other day. The pundits say he was telling a joke. The pundits say the birthers are loony tunes, a wacko fringe.

But no, they may be missing the point. Republican officials in Arizona and Kansas have made moves to kick Obama off the ballot, since there are “questions” about whether he’s a citizen.

This may be part of a master strategy, cooked up by Karl Rove and other strategists, to make America terrified of its president. And remember, it’s all backed by a billion dollars from Sheldon Adelson, the Koch brothers, the oil companies and other ultra-conservatives.

The prime minister of Israel recently took Obama to task for not drawing a “red line” on Iran’s nuclear program, which Israel feels very threatened by. This was just a few weeks after Romney, with Adelson in tow, went to Israel and sucked up to every conservative Jew he could find.

It only takes one mention of Israel to swing America’s Christian fundamentalists to his side. These so-called Christians are 100% for Israel (and many are anti-Muslim) because they think it will bring Jesus back for the so-called Rapture.

It all fits together now. I’m no conspiracy theorist, and don’t take my word for any of this. But if it is Romney’s long-range strategy (remember his 2010 book), it sure could work. Pat Robertson, the oil companies and the Catholic bishops could use a Mormon to take over the United States.

What would a Romney presidency be like?

“Out” with birth control, abortion and Gay people. They’re not above portraying us all as a vast left-wing secret Muslim conspiracy. Get Americans whipped up with anti-Muslim, pro-Christian fervor and Gay people easily become scapegoated more than we already are.

“In” with encouraging women to quit their jobs (“it would solve unemployment right there”), stay home and be mothers.

“In” with war in Iran. “In” with anything Israel wants. “In” with a fundamentalist Christian or two on the Supreme Court.

Liberal churches could be targeted too. Will the Feds come and shut down my parish church?

All liberals would be silenced as Muslim sympathizers.

It’s the perfect scenario for a fascist takeover. And I wouldn’t put it past Karl Rove.

Go watch Rachel’s Thursday show. Then feel free to tell me I’m wrong. I hope I am!

Meanwhile to be on the safe side, make sure you have a passport and it’s up to date. Millions may have to leave behind everything and flee.++

If you don’t have one, order it while you can.