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Sore Loser

My neighbor across the street thinks somebody died last night.

Let us pity Republican Straight White men. Their world is coming to an end. Some of them are in mourning. They feel it like a death in the family; Grandpa died last night.

Sometimes I wonder where we get these drama queens.

A week ago my neighbor’s yard sprouted half a dozen GOP yard signs – not pointed to drivers and pedestrians passing by, but aimed across at me. A person had to stand in front of his house to read them – Mike Pence for Indiana governor, Richard Mourdock (conception after rape is “God’s will”) for U.S. Senate, some guy for Congress now that we’ve been redistricted from the Democratic 1st to the Republican 4th. I even voted for one of his recommendations, a candidate for county commissioner. But all of them aimed at me, like I’m the enemy.

Late Monday night, after dark, I retrieved my Obama ’08 sign from the garage and pushed it into the front yard for the sake of passersby. I didn’t have a need to taunt that neighbor; the house next to his sprouted an Obama-Biden sign Monday morning, where there wasn’t one four years ago.

You can tell Indiana wasn’t a swing state this year; my old yard sign.

This morning, the day after the election, my right-wing neighbor took down all his signs but one. Then he lowered his flag to half staff.

I’ve chuckled about it ever since. He’s defiant in his defeat. He’s proud of his beliefs and he seems to want to make sure I know it.

I feel a little bit sad for him. I can empathize up to a point; if President Obama had been beaten last night, I’d definitely be depressed today. So I can understand my neighbor’s angst. I wouldn’t be happy either if I thought my country had made a disastrous choice. If Mitt Romney had won I’d have been just as convinced as my neighbor is that the USA was headed for doom.

The difference is that Romney represented plutocracy, rule by the rich, as opposed to democracy, where everybody gets to decide. If he had won, our country wouldn’t have changed that much; our TVs would be filled with corporate propaganda under Mittworld, just as they are in Obamaworld.

My poor neighbor seems to think we’ve now sold out to the Commies, which is the End of Life as We Know It.

But turn on your TV, pal; doesn’t the screen look just like yesterday, without the political ads? Same Microsoft, same car commercials, same Olive Garden.

What can ya do? Same shit, different day.

I enjoyed the era when Straight White men ruled the world – until I was 13 and saw Black kids water-cannoned on TV just for trying to go to school; and old Black women beaten over the head for trying to vote. I’m not nostalgic for those days anymore. The only people they were good for was Straight White men.

Today I’ve got another neighbor across the alley and down two doors; he’s Mexican. I don’t know whether he’s here legally or not. And I don’t care, except that by choosing to live here and buying his house, he contributes to the economy of my little village. Yes, he plays music I can’t understand when he’s working in his garage, but whoever said I’m supposed to get into his music? I doubt he’d get into mine, but that’s good; let there be many kinds of music.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin, voters just elected our first Lesbian Senator, Tammy Baldwin. Should we lower our flags over that?

(Associated Press)

Marriage equality won in Maine, in Maryland, in Minnesota, in Washington State; voters decided, for the first time, Gay marriage is cool. Is the nation supposed to mourn that? We don’t!

Daniel Noble, an Assistant U.S. Prosecutor in New York, married Ryan Fleenor last weekend; he’s an assistant priest at St. James’s, Madison Avenue. First they had a civil ceremony and then they went to church.

As Republican strategist Matthew Dowd put it last night, the GOP tried to sell us “Mad Men” in a “Modern Family” world. Should we all sing dirges now?

I’m not; I’m thrilled. But I acknowledge my neighbor’s sadness, even as I’m glad it’s him and not me.++

5 Responses

  1. Poor baby. Torn between resentment and mourning a life that he insisted it ought be…he’ll adjust or not. Ready or not.

  2. What a cute couple!

    I’ll pray for your (mourning) neighbor, even if I don’t understand him.

  3. Maybe Luke will bite him on the ankle when he least expects it…yet another reminder of the natural course of human balance.

  4. Today he’s taken down his Romney sign but left the flag half-down. So let him take a few days; life goes on.

    I took down my old Obama sign last night when I brought Luke indoors for supper. The third neighbor still has his Obama-Biden sign in the yard, but I expect it will come down soon. It isn’t like Hoosiers to gloat in public for long.

    One other positive result Tuesday night: the Democratic candidate for state superintendent of public instruction, an underfunded Indianapolis schoolteacher, surprised the whole state by turning out the Republican incumbent – Gov. Mitch Daniels’ handpicked “reform and privatize” guy – in a 2-1 landslide. She won strictly by word of mouth. Daniels and the Republican legislature had put in place a voucher scheme to fund religious schools with public taxes, undercut the unions and test, test, test, but voters hit the brakes. Come January Indiana will have two statewide officeholders (including Sen.-Elect Joe Donnelly), up from zero after the 2010 tea party sweep.

    We’re not Texas, we’re Indiana. We have to live with the shame of being the only Midwestern state not to go with Obama, despite being #2 in cars and auto parts. (That’s right, #2, more than Ohio.) Without the auto bailout we’d be in the most abysmal depression. Yet this is a state with a historically weak Democratic party, which did nothing to defend Obama’s lifeline to the industry. So the mindset here reverted back to the Republican default position we’ve held since Lincoln in 1860: farmers, Rush Limbaugh, tea party, Mitch Daniels. Obama, who carried Indiana in 2008, won only nine of 92 counties this year – in each case the more urban ones.

    This brings up another point, which I haven’t heard much from the post-election analysts: the quickest way to understand American politics is urban vs. rural. All the red states are predominantly rural, but the country as a whole is urban.

  5. Excellent post, Amen to all you said.

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