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Must-See Interview with 3 Previous NSA Whistleblowers

Here’s a video from USA Today, but I found it more helpful to read the article printed right below it. National security and its associated technology (that is, the government’s worldwide dragnet) are such specialized topics that I needed to re-read some sentences to understand them. Boy, is this an eye-opener – including suggestions for how we could be preventing misuse of all our phone and internet records.


Don’t worry that the link doesn’t look like a video; just click it and go. They formatted it this way so they could include both the video and the text on the same page. There are several videos embedded here – go and see what I mean.

This is the best reporting I’ve ever seen from USA Today. They deserve a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

This article also makes me really upset with the ignorant posts of some of my friends on Facebook – I’ve got one beloved grandmother in mind – spouting off on topics they know nothing about. But instead of lambasting them, I figure I’ve probably done the same thing on other issues, so I’ll eat my own slice of humble pie.

I know nothing about national security, but these three witnesses USA Today got together sure do. It’s a Brave New World, people.++

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