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Liberal Naiveté Never Ceases to Amaze

That Maddow grrl is eloquent, a genius; but she still strikes me as naive half the time. (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

That Maddow grrl is eloquent, a genius; but she still strikes me as naive half the time. (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

I like liberals; I’m one of them. But they do amaze me with their inability to understand good and evil.

They don’t see political issues in those terms – which might be a helpful way to prevent yourself from falling into the intellectual trap of thinking “My side’s good and their side’s evil,” just because you’re on one side.

– But not if you’re actually confronting evil.

Let me define some terms here: preventing the poor from getting health care from Medicaid – as scores of un-United States are doing, thanks to Republican governors and legislative supermajorities – is evil. The Federal government’s paying 100% of the costs for three years, which will save the states big money, but no dice.

Throwing the poor off Food Stamps, as John Boehner’s House Republicans have tried to do – that’s evil. Their Farm Bill tried to cut $20 billion from Food Stamps, while the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill adds $40 billion for border security.

We’re going to secure our borders by starving people? That’s fiscal responsibility?

Meanwhile legislatures in North Carolina, Ohio, Texas and elsewhere are taking advantage of a holiday weekend by passing draconian anti-abortion bills, knowing full well that the public favors the status quo on abortion and Democrats are unprepared to defeat them.

It’s the unprepared part that bothers me.

A Texas state senator, Wendy Davis, has become a political star by waging an 11-hour filibuster against a close-the-clinics bill. She was prepared; the rest of the Democrats largely were not, which made her instantly amazing.

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, at a rally at the state Capitol July 1. I'm glad she's being acclaimed, but she wasn't that coherent on the Maddow Show.

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, at a rally at the state Capitol July 1. I’m glad she’s being acclaimed, but she wasn’t that coherent on the Maddow Show. If you think she’s ready to be governor, you might find yourself muttering “Oops.”

In North Carolina they’re bellyaching about a bill that purported to ban Sharia law but was suddenly turned into an anti-abortion measure and passed as lawmakers headed out of town.

But what did those Dems expect? This is what Republican majorities do.

No one’s really surprised; Republicans understand the human vagina about as well as they do a foreign religion – it’s all the same to them, they don’t need to read the bill – but now Democrats are running around saying they done us wrong, when all they did was act on the power voters gave them – since Democrats can’t be bothered to vote for a mere governor or legislator, while Republicans do turn out. All these folks were lawfully elected, because progressives really don’t give a damn. If there isn’t a Barack or a Hillary at the top of the ballot, they don’t show up. They just complain mightily afterward, while Republicans couldn’t care less.

The Democrats’ naiveté troubles me, because it’s not like you can’t learn all there is to know about good and evil if you’d just pick up your Bible.

It’s all there, because human motivations haven’t changed in 10,000 years.

There are seven deadly sins, uhkay? Let us start with Greed and Pride. They’re all over the pages of that book.

It’s about greed and pride – but these liberals are babes in the woods. They heard the Bible was about God, and they don’t believe in God because the Pope and Pat Robertson are batshit crazy, so they don’t bother to read the instruction manual, which leaves them squawking that Republicans done us wrong and they can’t understand it.

Of course many liberals are fervent believers in God And All That; I’m one of them. Chris Matthews, E.J. Dionne, Jr. and Chris Hayes are all semi-public Catholics. I don’t know Joy Reid’s affiliation, but that lady’s grounded in the Black church.

Secular progressives do not see a use for God, and while they’re entitled to their faith or lack of one, they drive me to distraction. They have no grounding in classical justice, which is another thing That Book is about.

See, they think they’re inventing justice here and now, brand-new – which makes them dumb as rocks.

What the Bible does is make you see into the ugly heart of Greed. Do that, and you won’t be surprised by Mitt Romney’s “47%” comment.

Capitalists have to attack the poor. Otherwise voters might decide that Greed is not good and vote it out.

The good news in what we’re seeing now, as the Republicans fall inexorably into their death spiral, is that Romney and Rubio, Ryan and all their lesser lights are out of the closet with their hatred of the poor.

They don’t hate them individually – they don’t think they hate women or Gay people either – but they are forced to hate the poor as a class, because people without money threaten the notion that “the United States is the greatest country on earth” and capitalism is the best economic system ever invented.

It isn”t. Anything-goes Capitalism is one giant Monopoly board. Sponsored by Citibank!

Remember how much you hated your cousin, the ruthless Monopoly player?

In my case it was my brother Steve, and it took me decades to find out he wasn’t a horrible human being. I came to love him dearly; he was only half-horrible.

I believe in regulated capitalism as the best system for creating jobs and a middle class, promoting the work ethic, generating innovation through competition, and keeping the rich from robbing us blind – which they’ll inevitably do if there aren’t cops patrollng your Monopoly board.


It’s no accident that the Republican death spiral coincides with the most blatant promotion of “Makers, Not Takers” in today’s political rhetoric.

Even the racism, sexism and homophobia of today’s GOP makes a certain logical sense if you dig deep enough: they think Straight White Males are the ones who got us here, and if we’re to keep prosperity going we have to keep pale men in power.

(Please do not notice they are robbing you blind.)

Jesus knew about greed. His father YHWH wrote the book on it. I am sorry the secular Democrats never read the book.

I do not trouble any woman or man about their religion; freedom of conscience on religious and other matters is what makes us Americans.

The Vatican’s now the House of Crazy and Pat Robertson flies around like an Alzeheimer’d bat. We all know that.

But if you’d like to know about the sins of Pride and Greed, you could try reading the Book just once in your life. It’s a story of heroes and villains, and God comes out even more spectacular than Superman.++


If he’s so Straight, why’s he always showing off his junk? (comicvine.com)

5 Responses

  1. All so true and so very well said. Way to go, Josh. Now if only people would listen . . . .

  2. Go say this at Joe.My.God. For laughs and giggles.

    [But mainly because I’m tired of being the principle punching bag for the crowd there that thinks ANY mention of religion—FSM forbid Judeo-Christian religion—means you believe in a “Bronze-Age Sky-Fairy” and enable the bigots thereby.

    …but it IS true, what they’ll say, that if the Bible is The Book about God’s rule re Pride&Greed, why are the WORST practitioners of Pride&Greed Christian? Why *doesn’t* The Book we share clue THEM in about Pride&Greed? (God’s agin’ it. Yet they keep doing it. Unrepentantly.)]

    Oy vey.

  3. Thank you, tgf, for pointing out the worst thing about Christianity is the Christians.

    But even Joe’s crowd has to acknowledge that E.J. Dionne is gentle, principled and just, because of his Catholic faith and the example of his family.

    He doesn’t always talk about it, he mostly speaks to the secular politics of the day, but his reasoning’s informed by the Gospel. Do the sky-fairy boo-birds also mock Martin Luther King?

    Chris Matthews can drive me nuts in sixty seconds with his wrong-headed obsessions, but boy, is he a guy I’d want on my side in a fight.

    He’s for the underdog – that’s what the Bible teaches – and everybody knows it, including the yappers at Joe My God.

    Meanwhile Paul Ryan… leaves me speechless. The only explanation for him is he got it all Bass-Ackwards.

    Let’s face it, Mitt Romney belongs to a money cult; that’s the secret of Mormonism that makes it so popular. Their church is a giant funding machine, with for-profit businesses built into the ecclesiastical apparatus; they only do business with each other, which is how they all get rich. Remember those wayward Mormon cultists of a few years back with all their bigamies, violence and child rapes? They all owned compounds worth millions. So I don’t blame Mitt for not knowing better; he was never taught. Millions of so-called Christians just ignore the Bible passages they don’t like, as when Jesus said, “It’s easier for Rush Limbaugh to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven.”

    But to answer your question as best I can, which should probably take another post, sermon and book: I fault the people who know better (Episcopal bishops, say?) for not reading out the Ryans, Romneys, Robertsons and Reeds. There is no one who stands up and says, “That’s not the Gospel! You got it backwards, that’s wrong, you’re distorting it to advance your own power and profit!”

    If there’d ever been a voice to do that, we might get more respect on Joe My God.

  4. P.S. I don’t really fault the bishops; they’ve all got day jobs, and when they do speak out (which they really do a lot) they can’t get anyone to listen.

    But once, just once, I wish we had a PB who knew how to use her mouth. This one doesn’t. I love her but she’s just no good – and she’s cold as ice.

    We need Gene Robinson or Barbara Harris as PB. But the system is designed to keep them out – which is why the laypeople and everyday clergy are going to have to take the power to elect away from the House of Bishops.

    Then – maybe – once – we’d have ourselves a Vicar of Christ.

  5. […] I called this death spiral months ago – July 4th, actually; see it here. […]

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