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Have you seen NOM’s “massive public revolt”? I haven’t either.

One of the new tactics the National Organization for Marriage (& Against Gay People) has been forced to develop lately is “claim we’re really winning. Or will soon. Or you should be afraid we will.”

Here’s an example of the latest bombast out of Frank Schubert, NOM’s political director, when asked by The New York Times about today’s new ACLU lawsuit on behalf of a Lesbian family in Pennsylvania:

“Our challenge is to let the court see they’re not going to get away with this without a massive public revolt,” said Mr. Schubert of the National Organization for Marriage.

So I ask you: was there a big fundamentalist march in Chicago and I missed it? Maybe D.C. or Birmingham, Alabama?

Where is this “massive revolt”? It’s strictly in the mouth of Frank Schubert.


After a huge string of losses (6 states, 2 Supreme Court cases), he had to come up with something. Lying isn’t working as well as it used to, so now he’s adding more intimidation.

Or did I miss that Catholic uprising in the streets?

Or that hurricane that destroyed the Castro, Greenwich Village and Boyztown?

There were big Catholic protests in France months ago, once the ultra-nationalists, skinheads, racists and punks saw their chance to join up and commit violence; but yes, there were nuns and priests too. There, not here; it won’t work here. U.S. Catholics favor Gay and Lesbian marriage.

Anti-Gay marriage violence in France, April 23, 2013.

Anti-Gay marriage violence in France, April 23, 2013.

This Schubert fella’s looking more and more like Harold Stassen, a 1940s politician who kept announcing he was running for president every four years, for decades after Americans forgot him. At one time he was on the cover of national magazines. Then he became a joke; he made himself a joke.

Nice toupee, Harold. They on sale this week at the five and dime?

Nice toupee, Harold. They on sale this week at the five and dime?

Never forget: while your Aunt Frieda may be a harmless bigot, what drives anti-Gay campaigns is a lust for power and money.++


2 Responses

  1. True. Hate is big business (of course the professional anti-lgbt haters will disappear when the funds run out…and they will). How would you like to be in the business, a professional, marketing vileness and the marginalizing of your brothers, sisters, family, best friends and coworkers? These people are a sick cluster of opportunists. Same with Anglican Archbishops Okoh/Nigeria and Orombi/Uganda (doing a new hate start up after his retirement as a costly pillager of TEC)…no more sitting quietly and listening to this crap…and it is.

  2. Leonardo, you’ve exactly captured the essence of this from a business/marketing point of view. Imagine the nightmares ACNA executives will have when they realize, after a successful but limited product launch, the effective slogan of their product is “God Hates Fags Politely.”

    For years I’ve been saying, you can’t build a church on homophobia.

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