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Why Anti-Gay Bigots Hate to Be Called Bigots

Let’s start with this quote from Michael Scott-Joynt, the Anglican Bishop of Winchester, reporting to his diocese on the recently-ended Lambeth Conference:

In the UK, too, today the “orthodox” often face mockery, and charges of “bigotry”, for their convictions (as I know well)!

See, it’s not that he’s a bigot, it’s that he has “convictions.”

Uh-huh. Okay, dude, whatever.

His report is actually kind of funny; he spends a whole paragraph detailing, ain’t-it-awful style, the LGBT presence at this international convention, where Gay people were much talked about but seldom spoken with. You’ll find that we were “well-organized and well-funded,” that we “colored the environment,” that we published a daily newspaper and put it in “strategic” spots and even made it look like it was real! Egads, the sky is falling:

For many of us, and perhaps especially for many Bishops from the developing world, these impressions were exacerbated by the extent to which the physical environment of the Conference was strongly coloured by the well-organised and well–funded activities of groups and individuals lobbying against the Communion’s [anti-Gay] teaching expressed in Resolution 1.10 of the 1998 Lambeth Conference, and for that publicly advocated by The Episcopal Church and those who think like it. Around a third of the stalls in the “Market-place” were taken by those lobbying for change in the Communion’s teaching; Bishop Gene Robinson was quite often around the campus and extensively “hyped” by the British media; and news-stands at strategic points around the site offered copies of a near-daily news-sheet, The Lambeth Witness, sponsored by InclusiveChurch and providing its “take” on events and people, while looking as if it might be an official organ of the Conference!

Take a nerve pill, Michael. If we’d been disorganized and underfunded, you’d have made fun of us for that. Enough with the paranoia already, we’ve been organizing since 1969 and we’ve learned a little about how to do it.

The fact that this was a religious conference meant it was heavy on the Scripture-parsing; that was inevitable, it was even a good thing. If it had been a mere Bigot Convention, the same thing would have happened; bigots have always loved pointing to holy writings to justify their prejudices.

They also hate to be called homophobic. A few now reply, “I’m not afraid of Gay people, some of my best friends, etc.” Then they proceed to tell us the usual litany of why being Gay is lonely and unfulfilling, Gay sex is dangerous and Gay marriage will ruin civilization.

To us it sounds absurd—but it’s not the words they say that matter, it’s their unspoken but very real agenda: They have put in place a Total Superiority System of legal, cultural, political and economic advantages for themselves, then overlaid it with morality to hide what they’ve done.

They are bigots because they believe in Heterosexual Superiority, though there’s only one thing they’re better at than we are. (Want to end global warming? Control the birth rate. Out-of-control Straight people are killing the planet. By 2050, population experts say, Earth will be home to an extra two billion people—which is like adding another India and another China. They’ll all want electricity, they’ll all want cars, they’ll all want central heat and air conditioning.

(No wonder God loves Gay people and keeps making more of us.)

This Heterosexual Superiority System is designed to make Gay people subsidize Straight folks, just as under apartheid, Black and “Colored” people were made to pay for Whites.

Apartheid is the most instructive example we have of a Total Superiority System, because under apartheid, all the rules were written down and we still have most of the records. Two examples:

• Under apartheid, Black people were taxed on incomes starting at $65 a month, while Whites weren’t taxed until they made twice that much.

• Under apartheid, White schools were given $900 a year per pupil, while Black schools received $100.

Apartheid controlled every aspect of human life: where you could live, where you could travel, how much education you could get, what kind of job you could do, whom you could hire, whom you could marry, what language you could speak, and how you got treated if you got sick or broke the law.

And they called this a “policy of good neighbourliness”!

It was all about the money; God put Black people in Africa to make money for White people.

These policies were generally supported by Ronald Reagan in the United States and Margaret Thatcher in Britain.

So what parallels do we draw?

• A heterosexually married American whose spouse does not work gets a tax break over a homosexually married American whose spouse does not work.

• The heterosexual spouse is entitled to Social Security. The homosexual spouse is not.

• The heterosexual spouse receives over 1000 automatic rights in all 50 states. The homosexual spouse isn’t entitled to a one of them in 48 states, and what rights the homosexual spouse does receive stop at the state line. It’s just a fact.

No one discriminates against heterosexuals in employment, housing or public accomodations; LGBs and especially Ts get discriminated against every damn day. This is considered right and just in the USA, the self-proclaimed “greatest nation in the world.”

No one kills a Straight guy for “making a pass at me,” but Gay guys get killed for the same thing every day.

No one bombs a Straight bar because there are Straight people in it, but Gay and Lesbian bars do get targeted and attacked. Remember Atlanta and Eric Rudolph?

The Bishop of Winchester, the campaigner for Heterosexual Superiority, moves about with the greatest of ease, while Gene Robinson, the lawfully elected Bishop of New Hampshire, has to hire bodyguards and wear a bulletproof vest under his cassock—to attend the Lambeth Conference!

He may have been much discussed in the British press (jealous, Michael?), but considering he’s the alleged cause of Scott-Joynt’s overhyped schism, who can be surprised?

At the present time, one man on earth should be looked at and listened to for moral guidance on the issue of Gay rights—and he’s not Gay, but a faithfully married man and father. Here’s what he says on all this:

May I wholly inadequately apologize to my sisters and brothers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered for the cruelty and injustice that you have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of us, your fellow Anglicans; I am sorry. Forgive us for all the pain we have caused you and which we continue to inflict on you.

(From the Foreword to In the Eye of the Storm.)

That one man on earth, who knows more about this than anyone, is the Anglican Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace, former chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Desmond Tutu.

He knows all there is to know about Total Superiority Systems. They can’t be reformed, they must be destroyed. And no, the entire edifice of Western Civilization does not rest on that pillar, but upon many pillars, including all the accumulated wealth of White people enriched by generations of Black and Brown laborers. The Anglican Communion can keep blessing this system if it wants to, but the Episcopal Church is now post-Anglican. Thank God for that.++