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Hey Kids, Let’s Bring Down Civilization!


The most bizarre accusation hurled at the Gay and Lesbian rights movement is that if we succeed, we will destroy society.

Well gee, sounds kinda serious. Destroying society? Gay people have the power to do all that?

Uh, no. But the bigots do aim to scare you to death, so out with the big guns. Sodom and Gomorrah! God Himself (oh really?) destroyed them for their sins!

That weird little Old Testament story, reprinted in the Koran, purports to explain why of all human sins, homosexuality is the worst of the worst. The whole city was set on fire!

Oh really? What kind of a God would do that?

And is that God anything like our God, the suffering servant?

The people who want to destroy the Episcopal Church are trying their best to stage a big, loud argument over the nature of God. Many are passionate followers of the Calvinist heresy, while others are devotees of the Romanist heresy—you know, “I’m infallible.”

What a freaking joke, like the pope’s shit don’t stink.

Somehow heteros have convinced themselves (some of them, not all), that civilization itself depends on Straight people; “If we let Gay people get as nasty as we are, the human race will disappear!”

Fat chance, buster. The one and only commandment of God human beings have ever obeyed is “be fruitful and multiply.”

God didn’t have to command it, they do it anyway.

In 40 years we will add 2,000,000,000 human beings, all of them wanting cars and A/C and the internet; a new China, a new India in 40 years.

Global warming? God did not command that we destroy the planet to “subdue it.” It’s about to subdue us.

The heterosexual supremacists and home-schooling insurance agents are funded by rich old white guys like Howard Ahmanson, Jr., a “reconstructionist” who wants the United States government to be remade according to the Rushdoony model of neo-fascism so that Gay people are stoned to death, capitalism becomes the state religion and those with capital win, while those without don’t.

Episcopalians don’t know what hit them.

They wonder, Why did our church become such a target? They rightly claim, “We’re insignificant!” And yet we’re not.

We’re the church of George Washington and half the presidents; the most prestigious church historically, though not any more.

We’re also inextricably linked to the Church and Queen of England, and if they can bring down that broad, they can bring down anyone.

It’s sad really that Episcopalians remain so fully in denial that they can’t see what’s happening to their Church. A few do, but most don’t; they think it’s some kind of fight over Gay rights or somethin’.

LGBT folks are just the scapegoats, the red meat for the ravenous. The motivation for the base. Gay people will destroy civilization!

Meanwhile Bill T. Jones is readying a new dance for the Ravinia Festival, commemorating the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln.

Mr. Jones never takes commissions, but this one he accepted; as an African-American he grew up feeling that Mr. Lincoln was the one Caucasian he was allowed to love. So he’s put together a dance which will premiere Sept. 17 at the Ravinia Festival in Chicago.

Bill T. Jones is openly Gay. With his late partner Arnie Zane, he established a dance company that’s often regarded as one of the most innovative among current choreographers.

(“Well of course, ballet! Everyone knows they’re queer!”)

It’s modern dance actually, but okay, you made your point. Some professional dancers are Gay.

Does dance build up civilization or destroy it?

One would think that a Gay choreographer would ipso facto destroy civilization; but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Choreography expands the repertoire of bodies in motion; that is, dancers, who are traditionally held in high esteem by every ethnic group and Indian tribe there ever was.

And Mr. Jones’ subject? A. Lincoln, a civilization-destroyer if ever there was one.

Somehow all these accusations don’t connect up.

So it just might be the case that the Big Charge (“civilization destroyers!”) is a Big Lie.

I don’t believe God ever destroyed a single city.

I do think God seeks to redeem them all—and they all need redemption.

Is God a destroyer or a redeemer? That’s a question the Episcopal Church has faced and answered.

Mr. Ahmanson does not like the reply—but it is harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into heaven.

Sorry, Howard.

Either you sell everything you have and give it to the poor, or you ain’t in.

Sorry, Howard. We didn’t make the rules here, but we’ve all got to abide by them. I’ve got a needle if you care to try.

Here’s the current state of the Episcopal Church. A bunch of rich bigots have decided to take it down, principally because it no longer supports unfettered capitalism and greed. It calls greed one of the seven deadly sins, and that pisses them off.

They have located any number of bishops, priests and pseudo-theologians who agree that God’s the kind of guy who destroys whole cities because of homosexuality.

(Many of us believe that God’s not a guy at all. A Father, yes, but not a guy, much less one who blows up cities that piss him off.)

These bishops, priests and pseudo-theologians—all anxious to become bishops and archbishops and VIPs, so they multiply like rabbits—have learned that the one thing that riles up the base more than anything else is the idea of Gay equality. So they flog it like nothing else—like Muslims in Sudan, if a woman wears pants.

(I am very grateful for moderate and liberal Muslims who note that the Prophet never said a single dang word about women in pants.)

Meanwhile the Reconstructionist bishops, priests and pseudo-theologians have created more acronymic organizations (AAC, ACA, ACNA, CANA, AMiA, the list is endless) to try to pull together something that works to convince the Anglican non-pope, who is scared to death of presiding over the breakup of the Anglican Communion, that they have actual command over the bigot convention.

This is hard work, because some of them ordain women and others don’t, and some think God dictated the King James Bible and the 1928 (or 1662) Book of Common Prayer, and others don’t; and it’s all one great big mess.

Meanwhile, they constantly tell each other the Episcopal Church is dying, when in fact it’s doing better than ever, now that they’re out of it.

I don’t know that Bill T. Jones is an Episcopalian, but he’s creating, not destroying. Duh?

Gay and Lesbian marriage doesn’t change any other marriage in Iowa, Spain, New Hampshire, the Netherlands, Massachusetts or anywhere else. The sky is not falling; it’s still there. Just look up; it’s still there.

There will always be people who want to follow Leonidas K. Polk, the “fighting bishop” who seldom fought in the U.S. Civil War; as Jesus said, “The right wing is always with you.” It’s one of those calamities of life we cannot avoid. There will always be people more interested in their own enrichment than anything else.

But the early Christian Church held goods in common, and no amount of free-marketeering can change that. God is not a capitalist.

God’s not a fascist who seeks to stone people to death for not conforming.

God is a Lover; and yes, I think ultimately a Master, who seeks willing servants—but that’s all voluntary, a matter of spiritual surrender to One who loves us.

Bishop Leonidas Polk, the biggest slave-owner in Maury County, Tennessee, thought he had a God-given right to slave labor from Black men and women; then he found out he was wrong.

Sorry, Howard; send your camel through this needle. With God all things are possible.++


Leonidas Polk, slaveowner, with his hand on a big book. (Matthew Brady)